Facebook’s New ‘Info and Ads’ Section Is Changing The Game for Digital Marketers

Malaika Nicholas
Jul 3, 2018 · 5 min read

Author’s Note: This blog post was originally published by Ladder Digital on the Ladder Growth Marketing Blog.

On June 28, Facebook released a new “Info and Ads” section on Pages, which allows users to see the active ads currently running on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger by that brand or business, and provides additional information about that brand or business, including the date their Facebook Page was created and any previous name changes.

As the social media platform announced in April, this feature was launched in an effort to bring more transparency to ads and Pages on Facebook, following news that Russian operatives created Facebook pages and ads to exploit social divisions and disrupt the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

Although this tool is meant to offer users a new way of assessing political and issue ads, this tool is also a game changer for digital marketers, who can use this feature to bolster their marketing efforts.

How to View Active Ads on a Facebook Page

To view the active ads a brand, business, non-profit, or organization is running, visit their Facebook Page, and scroll down to the “Info and Ads” tab from the menu on the left.

Then, Facebook will display all of the active ads currently running in your country–although you may see an option to click a drop-down menu to see ads displayed in other locations.

Using this tool, I’ve been able to view carousel ads, video ads, offer ads, collection ads, and image ads. However, it’s unclear if you’ll be able to see boosted posts, lead generation ads, or canvas ads.

Moreover, you’ll also notice that you won’t be able to see engagement metrics for those ads, including the total number of likes, comments or shares. You also won’t be able to view impressions, video views and clicks on ads, and advertisers won’t be charged for this activity.

How to Use The “Info and Ads” Feature To Improve Your Facebook Ads

An important reason why digitial marketers should conduct competitor research is understand the value propositions your competitors are using, and how to differentiate them from your own.

Looking at your competitors Facebook ads will give you more ideas of what to test, like similar copy variations that seems to work for them, new high-quality images and videos of your product, or new value propositions your competitors haven’t tried yet.

Here are a few tactics from the Ladder Playbook that you can A/B test based on the findings from your competitor analysis:

Showing the product up close and in high detail in advertising helps interested consumers to properly visualize the product and how it might look in their use. Often, this visual cue is what’s needed to garner interest in a product and land a sale.

Try adding testimonials from industry influencers to your Page. Reach out to influencers that use your product or that you have a close relationship with and ask them to give a brief testimonial. People who know and value the opinions of the influencer will come to see you as more trustworthy. This increases social proof and therefore conversion.

Send users directly to your app in the app store when they click on your advertisement in Facebook. After downloading the app, the user will be deep linked to their “point of inspiration” that motivated them to click-through. For instance, a particular deal on a hotel for a travel app. Deep linking ensures that users get to the point of activation quicker.

You can use Facebook carousel ads to tell a brief story about your product’s benefits. Each ad can be an image rather than a product, with text in the image telling bits of the story you want to tell.

Photo Credit: Facebook Business

Collection ads offer a unique way of displaying your products or services in a visual and immersive way. Viewers can browse multiple products and/or watch a video of those products in action–all in a single ad!

If you’re looking for new ways to improve your Facebook ads? Check out the Ladder Playbook for 1000+ growth tactics and read these great articles on our blog:

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