We created Ladder to bring life insurance to more people. People deserve instant and easy life insurance. So we went full stack: designing and pricing our Ladderlife insurance product from scratch, developing the capability to make a fully underwritten decision instantly, and building a platform to service policies over time.

We knew from the beginning this comprehensive approach to life insurance would enable us to offer a unique API to the world. Today, we are thrilled to introduce it to you.

The Ladder API

We built our API to be a seamless integration for our partners. Our platform offers a customizable REST API with the following four functionalities:

1. Quote. Users can get quick quote to see a ballpark estimate of what life insurance will cost.

2. Calculator. Users can quickly and easily estimate their life insurance needs.

3. Ladder Connector. Users can access a smooth quote-to-application flow and will get an instant decision when they submit their application.

4. Account Manager. Users can view and manage their policy over time.

Ladder also offers a quote widget, a drop-in module that provides your users with the ability to get a quick quote within a pre-designed user interface. The widget handles input validation and error handling as well.

Investment platforms, lending companies, benefits managers, health and wellness innovators and more, can now seamlessly integrate with Ladder. They can choose which elements are important for their users and easily connect those users to the life insurance they need.

Let’s Make Life Better Together

Prior to Ladder, people had to endure a siloed process — full of friction and weeks of waiting time — in order to get life insurance in place. This complex process is one of the reasons why there are 19 million “stuck shoppers”, according to research from the Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA).

That’s unnecessary and simply too important to leave as is.

That’s why we are passionate about reinventing life insurance to help people get the coverage they want and need. With the Ladder API, we can bring that innovation to more users, together with you.

If you think the Ladder API might be a good fit for you, visit