Hello, California

Ladder is life insurance built to be instant, simple, and smart. Today, we have officially launched in California! You can now go to Ladder on your phone or laptop and apply for instant coverage — in minutes, instead of the average six weeks it takes with the old school process.

life insurance re-invented

People have come to expect digital, on-demand options for most things in life: you no longer have to call a travel agent or go inside a bank. It should be no different for life insurance; however, the reality is the traditional life insurance process is antiquated and burdensome, requiring in-person meetings with agents, physical paperwork, and long wait times. We at Ladder have streamlined this process, removing the hurdles and complexities.

Like millions and millions of people, I benefited from life insurance at age 11 when my father passed away, as I shared in my last post Love in Action. I know what it means to be able to remain in a home, stay in a community of friends, and eventually pay for college. Make no mistake: life insurance positively impacts people’s lives.

Life insurance is an undeniably valuable product. Despite the importance, it is a decision many people avoid because of the broken process. In fact, there is a $16 trillion coverage gap in the U.S. — an unnecessary situation for those people, their families, and their communities. Ladder is focused on closing this gap.

That’s why we re-engineered it with new technology and design. We offer coverage up to $8 million with no fees, all because we want you to be able to get whatever you need whenever you want. Feel free to play with our calculator and get a quick quote. When you’re ready, you can apply for instant coverage as fast as you can type.

Bringing innovation to a centuries old industry is no small feat, which is why I am profoundly grateful for the amazing team we have built. We are relentlessly focused on providing the best possible experience for you, and today is the day it all begins!

Come take a look at the creativity, energy, and love we have poured into bringing Ladder to life.