Ladder + Google Home = Life Insurance Designed for You

Sep 28, 2017 · 3 min read

At Ladder, our vision is to use technology to build life insurance that is designed for you. We have a relentless focus on solving user problems, and we hear this problem often: “I want life insurance, but I’m too busy to get it done.”

Today, we’re excited to announce we have worked with Google to bring you the Ladder Life skill for Google Home. Your Google Assistant is here to make life easy — and Ladder is here to make life insurance easy. A perfect match.

Now, with Google Home, your first steps in figuring out life insurance can be an easy, friendly conversation in the comfort of your own home. When is the best time to ask “What kind of life insurance do I need?” With Ladder and Google Home, the answer is: whenever you want to. Maybe you’re in the kitchen grinding coffee beans. Or perhaps you’ve just turned the last page of a bedtime story and are tiptoeing out of the room. Ladder is ready whenever you like.

Why do we have such a passion for making life insurance accessible anytime, anywhere? Because we’ve seen that is what you want and expect.

In the last year, we have found that more than 60% of Ladder’s users apply for life insurance outside of normal business hours, simply because that’s what works for them. And, that’s how it should be. You should be able to get a quick quote, answer a few more questions to submit an application, and get an instant decision — whether it’s 5:30 am or close to midnight.

So, starting today, you can say, “Ok Google. Talk to Ladder Life.” Then, use the latest in voice technology to get answers to questions like, “Do I need life insurance?” and “What kind of life insurance is best?” No agents required.

We are ready to bet that life insurance is far cheaper than you might think, too. Within the Ladder Life skill, you can ask Google, “How much does life insurance cost?” and your Google Assistant will talk you through a few questions and give you a ballpark quote for life insurance at Ladder.

If you don’t have a Google Home device yet, fear not. At, you can get a quote in seconds, use our life insurance calculator, or check out our blog for helpful insurance tips.

So, say hello to life insurance designed for you. Why are we so pumped about life insurance? Read more at Love in Action (or, The Financial Tool That Can Change Everything). And stay tuned for what’s next by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

Update (10/4/17): We are excited to announce that as of October 2017, the Ladder Life skill is also available on any Alexa-enabled device from Amazon. So now, even more people can get basic insurance questions answered via digital assistant. If you use Alexa, try out “Alexa, launch Ladder Life” to start figuring out life insurance today.


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