Ladder @ Work Has Arrived!

At Ladder, being a leader in transforming life insurance means constantly innovating for our customers. We are announcing our next big innovation at InsureTech Connect this week. It’s called Ladder @ Work, and it’s going to change how people get term life insurance from their employers.

Ladder @ Work makes it easier than ever for people to get term life insurance coverage, in a place where they’re probably already used to it being offered as an option — at work.

Today, forward-thinking employers want to empower their employees with benefits that actually meet their needs, not just benefits that are there to check a box in an interview. These employers want to show they really care about the person spending most of their time working for them, by helping them find real solutions to their financial needs. And we’ve been inundated with requests from these progressive employers wanting a life insurance solution that caters to this new way of caring — one that’s affordable, transportable and easy.

So whether you’re an employee in a large corporation, or a self-employed person hustling in the gig economy, you need life insurance that can move and change with you as your work changes — and that’s what Ladder @ Work does.

Ladder @ Work is individual term life insurance that incorporates our easy, mobile application process, as well as features that already make Ladder unique, such as laddering (the ability to easily apply for more, or reduce coverage at the touch of a button, 24–7).

You see, the group life insurance that’s usually made available via employers typically caps the amount of coverage to a low fixed amount or a small multiple of your annual salary, meaning you may have to get additional life insurance elsewhere, or simply live with the risk of insufficient coverage. Ladder @ Work can help solve that problem.

In addition to the coverage amount being low, these group life insurance products often terminate when you move to another job, and the price can change each year as you get older. For millennials and younger employees who move jobs every few years, having reliable life insurance you can count on over time, that won’t cost you an arm and leg, is a major win. Term life insurance via Ladder @ Work offers both transportability between jobs, as well as fixed prices that are guaranteed not to increase for the term of your policy, which can be between 10 to 30 years.

Ladder @ Work builds on the remarkable number of firsts we have already brought to the industry, and we’re just as proud of this latest one.

If you’re an employer, sign up for Ladder @ Work so that the people who work hard for you can better take care of their people too.