The Ladder love is growing: two more states to go!

This past November we announced Ladder was going nationwide.

Though the holidays were fast approaching, the framework and technical efficiency we built into our launch process enabled us to go live across 44 states and Washington DC in just six weeks, often launching on the same day we received regulatory approval.

After our initial success in California, we were excited to make Ladder available to the rest of the country, so even more people could get insured quickly and reliably. Customers across the nation have been thrilled by how simple and easy Ladder makes it to get life insurance:

Now we are adding Indiana, Kansas, Idaho and Georgia to the family of states that we cover. So welcome to the Hoosiers, Kansans, Idahoans and Georgians. We’re thrilled to be able to offer you simple, reliable life insurance that you can apply for in minutes, whenever it is most convenient for you.

With Ladder now in 96% of US states, we only have two more to go: Florida and New York. So stay tuned, Floridians and New Yorkers — the best is yet to come.

At Ladder, we are focused on making it easier for the current generation to get the coverage they need. The traditional model of purchasing life insurance, where commissioned sales agents are the gatekeepers, takes too long and creates the potential for misaligned incentives. Modern customers expect convenience and smart solutions and we are here to help. Ladder’s platform is easy to use and securing insurance through Ladder gives people instant peace of mind.

There is a $16 trillion dollar life insurance gap in the United States. Ladder aims to help close that gap by making the life insurance process more accessible and easy to manage over time, so families can live their best lives. If you know someone who has been meaning to get life insurance squared away, please send them our way. We would love to help.