32 Thoughts in my first month as a Digital Nomad

I’m sitting writing this post on my iPhone waiting to board a flight at the Hanoi airport in northern Vietnam. It is officially my 4th week living in Vietnam and in a few days I head to Bali. I packed up my bags and left the U.S. in a matter of 3 quick weeks and have embarked on a journey to Southeast Asia. Currently I have enough packed for my 3 month trip, but I plan to travel & work remotely for the next year.

Here are 32 thoughts I’ve had during my new journey.

  1. I think I’ll work from the beach today
  2. This beer costs $1?
  3. Can I turn this bar into a standing desk?
  4. This hotel is cheaper than brunch in New York
  5. I’m never going back to America
  6. What’s the wifi password?
  7. Where can I find peanut butter?
  8. This meat is questionable
  9. Damn, I have to wake up at 5am to Skype with SF
  10. How much data do I have left on my SIM card?
  11. How do I say “thank you” in Vietnamese?
  12. Hmm I think I’ll go do yoga on the roof
  13. Can I drink the water?
  14. Wow this view is unreal
  15. Why does anyone work from a cubicle?
  16. $4 pedicure time
  17. What’s the conversion rate?
  18. This is delicious, but I have no idea what I’m eating
  19. *itches mosquito bites*
  20. What time is it at home?
  21. I want to buy this, but there’s no chance in hell it will fit in my backpack
  22. I need to eat banana pancakes for the rest of my life
  23. Can I reset the router in this cafe?
  24. I wish I had an external monitor here
  25. Coworking is the best
  26. Can I bring all my friends and family here so I never have to go home?
  27. Shoot it’s Joe’s birthday, I’ll Venmo him to virtually buy him a drink
  28. My VPN isn’t working, how can I watch Netflix?
  29. I can buy myself all the perks of an SF job for $20/month-unlimited yoga and gym membership, massage, endless happy hours
  30. Thank god the sharks didn’t eat the cables today
  31. Where’s my passport?
  32. I’m so lucky to be here

Nicole is currently a Program Manager for Hacker Paradise and a freelance marketer and designer. Feel free to say hi here

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