By John N. Doku (Municipal Information Officer)

The Environmental Health Department of the La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) in a joint operation with the La District Police Command of the Ghana Police Service have arrested 39 people at various locations within the municipality for open defecation, dumping of refuse into drains and other sanitation issues.

The culprits were arraigned before the La Magistrate court and committed for various degrees of fines by the sitting Magistrate.

Speaking on the issue, Mr. Busby Asiedu, the Environmental Health Director at the Assembly said the action was part of governments’ initiative to keep the Greater Accra region clean.

“The Assembly has intensified public education on the governments’ initiative to make Accra the cleanest city through the Municipal Information Officer who has on several occasions appeared on Obonu FM’s “The time with the Assembly” and on Radio Latenu, explaining to the public the consequences of their action to the community and the nation…our action today is a follow-up on that,” he stated.

Residents of the municipality, especially, those living close to the beaches have formed the unhealthy habit of open defecation and dumping of refuse at the beach.

Most of the people arrested holds the belief that the sea waves will carry away the human waste.

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