By John N. Doku(Municipal Information Officer)

The La Dade-Kotopon Municipality (LaDMA) on Republic Day celebrated over two hundred senior citizens to mark Ghana’s 57th Republic Day celebrations. The celebrated senior citizens were people who have contributed to the development of the community in various forms.

To mark the day, a senior citizen in the LaDMA urged Ghanaians to reflect on the issues that confront the country today. According to them major threats such as immorality among the teaming youth is a primary concern to all Ghanaians.

The senior citizens said this at the ceremony in LaDMA forecourt to observe the 57th republic day. The over hundred senior citizens were felted and presented with half piece of GTP super cloth.

In her speech, Hon. Gladys Tsotsoo Mann-Dedey, the MCE implored on the elderly especially those who are destitute to take advantage of the government interventions including the LEAP and EBAN welfare cards reiterating that senior citizens remain great assets to the Nation.

“I beg of you, especially, those that life has not been very fair to, to take advantage of governments’ interventions like the LEAP and EBAN welfare policy as a form of support since you remain a great asset to the nation”, she stated.

The MCE added that the younger generations must endeavor to tap knowledge from the elderly to enable them secure better future. She also appealed to the elderly to guide the youth to adopt and uphold good moral values and take the responsibility of managing their future and that of the community.

She said governments “Planting for food and Jobs” policy has come at the right time and made a passionate appeal to the La Mantse and the traditional leaders to make lands available to the youth for the realization of the policy in the traditional area.

“Governments policy of ‘Planting for food and jobs’ have come at a time when agricultural lands are being taken over by developers and arable farmlands are being converted into houses and places of worship posing serious threat to food security in the country.

“I take this opportunity to appeal to the La Mantse and the Traditional Council to reserve and make lands available to the youth for the realization of the policy within the municipality,” she reiterated.

She challenged the youth in the municipality to take advantage of the government policy to revamp the ailing agricultural sector.

Addressing the gathering, a senior citizen expressed his displeasure at the manner in which most young men in the area have resorted to the smoking of marijuana and other dangerous herbs in open places and entreated the Assembly to put measures in place to clamp down on such persons who have put La into perspective of the Narcotics Control Board.

Madam Paulina Asuman, also a senior citizen lamented over the rampant springing up of drinking bars and pubs along the major streets of La, describing such acts as detrimental to the future of the nation. She also bemoaned indecent dressing habits of the youth, particularly young girls. She appealed to parents and guardians to go the extra miles in ensuring that their children are well-groomed.