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Belinda B
Belinda B
Jan 8, 2018 · 4 min read

A Public Service Announcement From Your Friend #metime

Dear Social Media Enthusiasts,

Sorry to burst your bubble dear friends, but I — ‘me time’ — have been around way before I became a thing. Heck, I’ve been around since before hashtags were a thing. I go way back to pre-internet days; yes shocked youngsters, those days did exist. Back then a hashtag was just two horizontal and two vertical lines that sat above number three on your keyboard and you were never quite sure what to do with it. So you just ignored it. Problem solved. Well, the joke is now on you folks because not only am I part of your daily, so is the hashtag. We reign supreme.

Before I made it big, I was more than a cheap way to justify blowing your weekly mortgage or rent payment on a shopping spree.

“But I needed that new handbag, I needed some me time!” I hear you cry. Sure you can justify all you want blowing your week’s pay on a handbag you’ll forget about in a month’s time, but back then it was just needing to take a breather from the world or from people and to just be on your own.

Let’s look at the following examples, shall we?

Example Number One :

I was super tight with a child who quite often would drop Barbie dolls mid play and just wander off into the backyard by herself. She couldn’t explain it, but she would get this overwhelming urge to just be on her own. She’d had enough and needed to chill. If this included humming or singing made up songs to herself, then she would just go with whatever felt good. Any new friend on the scene would stare at her behaviour and you could literally hear ‘WTF?’ going around in their confused little heads, but this girl’s then and still now bestie would shrug and say, “That’s just what she does sometimes.”

This girl and I are still good friends to this very day. Except, after realising she ain’t no Beyonce, she gave up on the sining and songwriting….well, not the singing part anyway, especially if there is a karaoke machine and an obscene amount of alcohol involved.

Example Two:

I had a friend who was getting the caterpillar who had taken up residence across her eyebrows waxed off and the lovely young lady who was assigned this hideous task was telling her how annoyed she was that her boyfriend was at home, cooking dinner for the night. “Woah! What an asshole!”, I hear you all cry sarcastically and while I can’t say whether he’s an asshole or not since I’ve never met the guy, I can say with certainty in this instance he’s not. Her problem was not the dinner, it was the fact that he was home early after telling her he’d be home a bit later.

Delighted at this unforeseen opportunity to spend time with me (she’d been craving it badly), but was too afraid to ask for due to the newness of the relationship, she had her afternoon all planned out. But it was all for not and as she ripped off that caterpillar with such ferocity it left my friend too afraid to ask if their was any skin left, let alone eyebrows, my friend made a simple point. Perhaps you need to just ask for some me time? If that’s what you need, you must ask for it. He’s not a mind reader; you need to tell him. Any guy worth his weight in salt will respect this as something you need, not only for yourself, but for the relationship.

The young lady’s mood picked up at this (and at the thought of seeing me) and she promised she would do just that. My friend’s mood also picked up as she saw her eyebrows were thankfully still intact and totally on point. A good day was had by all.

Well, maybe not the caterpillar who I believe is still house hunting as we speak.

I’m not saying any certain generation invented me. I’m sure it has been around since the stone ages. You can almost guarantee after a day of cooking and keeping her cave looking ‘open home’ ready the cavewoman was thinking, “Finally! Some me time!”, when her man left the cave to hunt that woolly mammoth he’d been scoping out for the better part of the ice-age.

Sadly, I couldn’t tell you first hand if this is true or not as I was not there to witness this first hand — I’m not that old!

I do know I’ve always been a thing, just now people are not afraid to ask for me. Or brag that we are with me. And we certainly are not afraid to say we enjoy being with me. There’s no shame in it. If you need to spend some time with me, holler! I’ve totally got you!

We’ve come a long way, me timers. It’s a whole new world out there full of hashtags and loving yoself. Yes, I said yoself — it’s a thing!

Why not let me love you, too?

Yours Sincerely,

Me Time

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Belinda B

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Belinda B

Lifelong lover of words, music, travel and all things spooky. Sure, the story has been told before, but not the way I’ll tell it....

Lady Pieces

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