Fish Refuses to Settle

Flotsam is 33 in fish years. All of her other aquatic friends are coupled up and already popping out eggs. While they try to be encouraging they don’t understand their happily single friend.

“There really is no better life than being a mother. When my 476th egg was hatched I knew there was no greater happiness a lady fish (or a male fish who changes his sex) could feel. I dropped out of my school when I found out I was expecting, I was so excited!”

This choice however didn’t sit well with Flotsam.

“Our lives are so short. Any moment a bigger fish could eat you. I don’t look down on my friends who chose the more traditional path, but I wanted to do something more. I want to find a new kind of coral or a cure for shark bite. I don’t want to give that up to raise kids right now.”

But still her friends try to set her up on blind dates with other gilled creatures, convinced that there are options for even a fish in her “mature” years.

“I know there are other fish in the sea.” Flotsam tells us wryly, “Because my friends never shut up about it.”