Four Pairs of Jeans Every Woman Should Own and the One Pair You Will Actually Wear

Sophia Schwab
Jun 6, 2017 · 2 min read
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It’s finally spring! Time to stock up on some fresh denim! Here are four classic styles that every woman should own, plus the only ones that will ever see the light of day. Your closet will thank you later!


You wear the same pair of skinny jeans every day, so why not change it up with something comfy? Boyfriend jeans are slouchy and effortlessly chic, and theoretically comfortable. You will try to wear these, and they will never look or feel quite right, no matter what tops and shoes you pair them with. You’ll probably just end up wearing your dark skinny jeans.

Straight Leg

What is the difference between these jeans and boyfriend jeans again? Who knows. No matter what, you won’t wear them, except for maybe that one Thursday when it’s raining out and you figure your rain boots will distract from how subtly unflattering these are. They don’t.

Boot Cut

Every magazine says you need these, but you literally never see anyone wearing them. Regardless, you will buy them on sale, thinking that maybe if you pair them with a pair of clogs you don’t own and the peasant shirt that you never wear, they might look cute in a Jackie-in-That-70s-Show kind of way. Then you realize that she wears bell bottom jeans, not boot cut, and also that outfit would probably still look better with skinny jeans anyway.


You bought a pair of ripped jeans to add some edge to your wardrobe, but you can’t wear them to work. One Sunday morning when you’re getting ready for brunch, you realize that all your other jeans are in the laundry and decide to try these. They’ll look so cool! When you step into the left leg, you accidentally put your foot through a hole in the knee, which promptly rips open. You trip and fall on your face, and never put them on ever again.


You will wear these most days, except for the days you are wearing leggings. They never fail you. They are so soft, and eventually they mold to the exact shape of your butt. They are dark blue or black and go with everything. You read about those vintage Levi’s being on-trend and laugh. But you don’t throw away your non-skinny jeans; you still want to dream sometimes.

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