How to Cope with Burnout Without Losing Productivity, OR ELSE

Ellie Guzman
Lady Pieces
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3 min readFeb 10, 2021

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So, you’re feeling burnt out. That’s totally normal! We are with you. No one blames you. But you’re still going to get everything done on time, right?

Time off would help your mental health? Ssssss, ahhhhhh, mmmmmm… when? We’re not sure someone can cover you since we’d need a team of three people to do everything you do as one person… but of course, take time for you. WE SUPPORT YOU. But you’re still going to answer your emails, right? Can you do a quick chat? Just texted you some questions. But please, take this time to refresh. Then refresh your email because I just sent you a quick Google Sheet to fill out.

During these ~*~*~cRaZy UnPrEcEdEnTeD tImEs~*~*~ we’re all feeling a little burnt out. I also feel this way sometimes too. And then you know what I do? I cry a lot in short bursts and keep working!

Here are five burnout strategies that have helped me (as in, mostly helped me tell you it’s going to be okay but also not have to take anything off your plate because if things fall behind that’s on you):

Do 5 Minute Meditations

That’s five minutes. Not six. Not seven. Definitely not ten unless you want to be unemployed. Take five minutes to shakily listen to a British voice say “Feel an egg crack on top of your head…” and then get the fuck back to work. Don’t you feel so refreshed?

Go Through the 5–4–3–2–1 Anxiety Checklist

A great tip to combat anxiety is to go through a sensory checklist. Five things you can see, four you can feel, etc. For burnout, I like to think of five things I can see, four plates I want to smash, three blueberry scones I will emotionally eat, two pillows to scream into, and one handle of tequila to chug.

Zoom Call a Loved One

There’s one thing I love after being burnt out from being on camera all day. That’s being on camera again. Schedule a video call with your loved one and then feel a nagging sense of dread the whole day leading up to it. Then once the call starts, really feel the tension around your cheeks from the fake smile you feel obligated to force on. Can they tell how greasy your unwashed hair is? Did they notice you’re not…

Ellie Guzman
Lady Pieces

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