Show The World That You’re In Charge By Staring Directly At The Sun

Nothing says “I’m a free woman” like staring directly at the sun or as we ladies call it, The Yellow Globe. Observe:

Yeah! Freedom! Strength! UV rays! Her raised arms indicate a pose of triumph and in no way scream “My eyes! Help me! My eyes!”

This woman’s not fucking around. She’s just staring right ahead at it. Wanna be like her? Too bad. She’s blonde. She may not have rods or cones in her eyes anymore but she will always be better than you.

This brave woman stared at the Orb of Fire for so long that it melted her face off. In that, she found true beauty. Too bad it couldn’t fix her hair, though.

Bridget kept groaning “my head oww my head oww” and collapsed shortly after this was taken. She went to the hospital afterward and it was, like, a whole thing. Kind of a drama queen. But like I don’t wanna talk about anyone behind their back, you know?

These two ladies joined forces under the Blazing Ball of Death and I think I saw space and time freeze for a moment. My God, they’re going to kill us all.

This incredible woman above enlisted a man to scorch his corneas together with her. Now that’s equality.

Remember, if you want the world to know you’re in charge of your destiny, stare right into the Fire God’s Basketball.

Make sure that those lady eggs of yours are sunny side up.

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