Breaking News: Jeff Deletes Comments After Realizing the Conversation Wasn’t Fitting Into His Narrative

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Jeff Doe, 25, from Brooklyn NY participated in a comment thread from 2 months ago about Childish Gambino’s newest music video, “This Is America” this week because he just heard about it. Yes we are confused too.

Now Lady-Saurus is not a bias publication and honestly we have more important things to talk about instead of comments that are deleted because someone gets challenged or you know concerning the power dynamic and institutionalized racism between — you get the point.

So, anyway this thread all started when Tina, 25, Latina (Not that this matters) posted (2 months ago):

“Wow, white people need to stop making everything about themselves, no you can’t cover, “This Is America” on your ukelele”.

The post also included this riveting image.

Now as we said, 2 months have gone by, so it was weird that this week Tina received a notification from Jeff.

“Who is Jeff?” She wondered as she looked to see what the comment said. After a split second of confusion (because she had forgotten the she even posted) the world stopped and she sighed, “Oh”.

It turns out Jeff was this guy she met once at a party and added him on Facebook so she and her friends could talk about how terrible he is. He called her guacamole then asked where she was really from.

Jeff’s comment read, “Wow, can we stop talking about how bad white people are? It’s getting old”.

According to the Facebook thread records, Tina immediately sent a reply.

“Wow, thanks for this insightful and intelligent and tone deaf comment. Do you own a ukelele? How sad.”

Another notification pops up from Jeff.

“Um, really nice Tina, way to be so woke and aware that white people want to share their opinions too.”

Tina then types back this.

“It’s really sad to see this. It’s very disappointing. I’m not going to even respond.”

“This is a response.” Jeff replies.

“Why are you even commenting dude?” Tina types back.

“I dunno. I’m tired of seeing so much hate to white people.” He replies.

“Um, really Jeff? I don’t even know you but this is crazy. You aren’t even reading any of this.” Comments Sharon, Tina’s white friend who is trying very hard to be an ally.

“Um, why are you even in this conversation. I was saying stop hating white people for playing the ukelele and listening to “This iz America”. We can like music to and do our own renditions.” Jeff replies.

“1. You spelled “is” wrong 2. You can definitely appreciate music without appropriating it.” Sharon adds.

“Thanks, Sharon.” Tina replies.

“Wow, so you are just going to gang up on me?” Jeff says.

“We aren’t ganging up, we are trying ot have a conversation. You aren’t listening” Sharon replies.

“To***” She replies a second later.

“It’s fine Sharon, Jeff isn’t listening. I can’t have this argument. Also I just want to clarify that this was a joke.” Tina chimes in.

“It’s not funny.” Jeff types immediately.

“Honey, who is Jeff?” Tina’s Mom comments trying to catch up.

“Ugh, Mom this isn’t private message.” Tina replies.

“Hi, Tina’s Mom!” Sharon adds.

“Hi!” Tina’s Mom replies.

Overwhelmed, Tina decides to refresh her browser to see if she has missed any comments. Nothing pops up. She waits another moment before refreshing her page again. Nothing. She clicks on her original post and sees that Jeff has deleted his comment.

Reportedly, Tina’s head begins to boil and she decides to private message… Jeff.

“Hey, Jeff” She writes. “I couldn’t help but notice that you deleted your comment on the thread. Was wondering why?”

Jeff responds exactly 11 minutes later due to typing and re-typing his response. We know this because apparently the bubble kept popping up and disappearing, Jeff responds with, “Sorry I’m at the gym”. Then 3 minutes later, his profile disappears from Tina’s Facebook. He blocked her.

Lady-Saurus has reached out to Jeff multiple times for a comment but haven’t had any luck because he’s always at the gym... apparently.

Lady-Saurus Comedy

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Lady-Saurus Comedy

Daily Funnies Written by Women Who Roar + friends

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