Becca Beberaggi
Jan 9 · 2 min read

“We are meant to be. So, yes I’ll go home with you and meet your Parents tied up in the back of your car because I’m young and fun! ” — 50 Shades Of Trying to impress your parents

“Sam, I think you’re hot.” — Lost in Teenage Seduction

“Tom, we can never work. You are huge movie star and I am just me… a slightly less successful movie star. No, I am not YOUR movie star. No, I’M A MOVIE STAR. You just want me too much. Tom Hardy, you can’t have me.” — A dream I had about Tom Hardy that could definitely be in a movie.

“You broke me. Your broke me! I thought you loved me but…. YOU BROKE ME!” — A Theatre Major in Connecticut: A Coming Of Age Horror Film.

“At first I just wanted to be friends, but I opened my eyes and I saw you, I saw you. No, I saw me AND you.” — HIM the prequel to HER.

“You had me at Applebees.” — Jerry MACJaggar

“By Order Of The Silly Blinders” — The Silly Blinders: A Prequel to The Peaky Blinders

“Dad??” — Any Movie if you think about

“*Bad Word* *Bad Words* okay *Bad words*!” — Denzel Washington’s newest political thriller

“Frankly, my dear, you have a lot of gas.” — Gone With the Beans

“I’m not your girlfriend!” — Love Wars: The return of THE middle school crush

“I know you want me to say it and I want to say it but it’s crazy. You’re a vampire and I don’t care.” — DUSK: Another Vampire Erotica Series

“I could have been that girl who owned a water bed.” — On the Water Bed

“Say hello to a little bit of my emotional baggage!” — Scar Date

Lady-Saurus Comedy

Daily Funnies Written by Women Who Roar + friends

Becca Beberaggi

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Writer/Performer/Tiny Human

Lady-Saurus Comedy

Daily Funnies Written by Women Who Roar + friends

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