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The best room-by-room tips for organizing your home quickly.

Use this stripped-down guide to get your home spick and span.

Organizing always seems like a long game, and in a lot of ways it is. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t get your home (and your life) organized quickly.

By using these simple tricks, habits and routines, you’ll find your home and your day organized in no time. Take the time to adjust just a few things in your life and you’ll be surprised at the drastic results.

The Best Room-by-Room Tips for Organizing Your Home Quickly

When it comes to getting organized, you can’t just focus on the external. You have to focus on the internal as well.

Becoming organized starts with you. By developing some key behaviors, you can make organizing more than a once a year “thing”. You can make it a year round habit that improves not only the quality of your space, but the quality of your life too.

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Daily Routines

1. Get everything you need for the next day ready the night before. That means making lunches, laying out clothes, ironing clothes — everything! If you have kiddos, have them pack their backpacks the night before and place them by the door.

2. Place all your daily essentials in designated spaces everyday. That means keys, cell phone, briefcase, purse; place each item in the same place each day. The more accessible and visible the spot, the better!

3. Plan breakfast the night before. Whether it’s just a cereal bar or a full English spread, lay out all the necessary utensils and non-perishables the next day. Don’t waste time searching for things in the morning!

4. Make a to-do list the night before. Spend a few minutes before bed thinking about your day and make a quick, prioritized list of what has to get done. Place it with your morning essentials.

5. If you’re not a morning person, set all your alarms 10 minutes early. Set multiple alarms spaced minutes apart if you really aren’t a morning person.

6. If you have a family, create a morning schedule that includes set bathroom times. Make each family member stick to the plan.

7. Fill up your gas tank the day before you need to. Don’t deal with the stress of a morning commute pit stop.


1. Put a clock in each bathroom. It’s easy to lose track in the abyss of make-up application and hair-setting, but with one eye on the clock, it’s much harder to run late.

2. Throw away all old or unused items. That razor you’ve used for way too long or that pretty-much-empty bottle of shampoo. Don’t let things linger, tackle them head on!

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3. Store any “reading” materials that might have cluttered up in a decorative rack or shelf like this one from Ikea.

4. Keep a squeegee in the shower and quickly wipe down shower walls and doors as soon as you’re done showering. This will prevent gunk buildup and leave you with clean, dry shower doors.

5. Inside the medicine cabinet, or inside of a drawer, add a magnetic strip to hold tweezers, clippers or scissors.

6. Purchase a plastic caddy (or series of caddies) and place all counter-top clutter inside them. Place beneath the counter and only remove when needed. Make sure to replace all items immediately after use!

7. Use decorative caddies like this cool rotating caddy to organize soaps, shampoos and loofas in the shower.

8. If you’ve run out of room for towel storage, try rolling towels and placing them in a stylish basket like this one from Ikea. Baskets can also be fasted to the wall for use as additional shelving.

9. Install hooks on the door or on the walls to store robes, damp towels and other textiles.

10. Place shelving unit above the commode for extra storage space.

11. Draw organizers are a great way to organize makeup, skin care materials and other items that get lost/ clutter up drawers. This will save you time and maximize your storage space.

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Storage Areas & Closets

1. Sort through every single item in your closet, junk drawer, garage or other storage unit. Throw away things that are no longer usable and donate items that are still in good condition, but have been unused in more than 6 months.

2. Store clothes you want to keep around in vacuum-sealed bags. This will massively reduce the amount of space the clothes take up (making them easy to slide under a bed or into the top of a closet), and also keep them safe from moths, bugs and other pests.

3. Categorize clothes and other storage items by purpose: are they indoor/outdoor? Summer or winter? Separate your clothes into additional categories like casual, work, formal, etc.

4. Recycle unused wire coat hangers at local dry cleaners.

5. Use hangers and racks to organize scarves, belts and ties.

6. Use a shoe rack to keep shoes tidy, accessible and organized.

7. Have a yard sale or garage sell to get rid of less-commonly used movies, CDs, clothing, toys, kitchenware, etc.


1. Clean out your refrigerator every time you bring home groceries. Move older produce to the front so that it will be used sooner, and put newer produce in the back.

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2. Group your foods in the pantry by category, making accessibility quick and easy. Label groupings to make the new organization easy for the whole family.

3. Hang sauce packets and seasoning mixes in panty using simple metal rod and clips, to make them visible and easy to access.

4. Buy a pretty spice rack that fits your design aesthetic and use it to store all your fresh herbs and seasonings.

5. Only use countertop space on items that you use daily. Place all other items away, out of sight. Display only a few cookbooks that you use regularly. There’s no need to display them all. We believe you can cook.

6. Take clipped recipes and put them together to create your own recipe binder. You can also send recipes off to be printed into your very own cookbooks that you can proudly display.

7. Reuse old grocery bags by taking them to the store with you. You’ll save time and maybe even some money, and you’ll reduce that unsightly pile that’s gathering up in that drawer.

8. Dedicate one entire cabinet or drawer to Tupperware. Arrange by size or use. Always, always, always, replaced recently cleaned Tupperware immediately.

Bonus Round (Misc.)

– Place wastepaper baskets or trash bins in each room. Neatly fold a few unused bags in the bottom for quick reset.

– Create a message center on the door so that busy family members can leave memos for one another.

– If you can shop online — do shop on line! Ordering online saves time and money, and will make your life much, much easier.

– Label charger chords with bits of electric-safe colored tape. Tape can be labelled with names for easy access and recovery.

– Use pretty decorative boxes to store bills, permission slips, newsletters and more. Label and place in visible areas so you don’t forget where you put them!

– Spend 10–15 minutes picking up clutter every night before bed. Your family can join in too!

Putting it together…

Stop making excuses when it comes to getting organized. By following a few simple habits, you can turn your home and your life around in no time.

Organized, clean spaces make us feel more relaxed. When we are more relaxed, it is easier to respond with resilience to the curveballs life throws at us. If you’re looking to be more successful in life, chances are you can start by making a few simple changes at home.

Commit a little time and put in a little effort. If you want your home (and your life) transformed — you’re the only one who can take charge and do it.

Have more quick tips for getting organized? Let me know!