That Time the Times ‘Shopped Hillary into a Testicle

About that…

Today the Internet had its mind blown by the unveiling of the next New York Times Magazine cover. Reactions ranged from giggles to stupefaction to memefication, and we at LadyBits were not immune to the perplexity and bemusement. Fortunately, where words fail, GIFs speak. We worked through our feelings together over email, and decided to share with you a glimpse into the LadyBits collaborative process:

I cannot believe this is real. Please, someone tell me that I’ve been fooled. Hannah Waters

I have been looking at it all day like “…” — Adrienne LaFrance

Tessa Miller

The skin tone… if the planet was grayscale this would be less bizarre. Including ears and some hair wouldn’t hurt either. Still bizarre, but without messing with the uncanny valley as much. — Caleb Garling

It’s just… so bad. If this was really what they absolutely had to go with, then I’d have preferred:

Image by Jesse Lenz for The 6th Floor:

As is, I can’t help but think it’s a talking belly button in the fabric of space and time. Delia Paunescu

It’s terrible and hideous and makes Hills look like a derpy Madball. Super curious about the content of the article now, so, good job I guess (?) ;). — Katie DeRogatis

OK, I totally thought this was a new meme floating around on Twitter but the fact that it was created by the NYT Magazine is… um, upsetting. Without any hair, and with that expression, she looks goofy and not at all like someone I would take seriously as president. Which is a shame because a female U.S. president is a long time coming… And yes, I am implying this image could dampen her efforts because it’s already been inserted into all kinds of crazy pics… — Fruzsina Eördögh

Best remix. — Katie DeRogatis

I can’t shake the feeling that it’s kind of… testicular. — Rose Eveleth