The Art of the Out of Office Email

How to make your away message interesting in the age of Soul Cycle, Bitcoin, Snapchat, Selfies, and the LolCat

Everyone writes out of office emails and for the most part they are darn BORING. Time to take it up a notch and give your email recipient something to chuckle about.

Drawing a blank? Don’t worry, I’ve prepared some examples for you to get those creative juices flowing:

The Soul Cycler:

You deserve credit for the hard work you do everyday and you owe it to yourself to take time to recover. Choose to enjoy this break wholeheartedly — because you can, not because you have to.

Be who you were meant to be this holiday.




What matters is on the inside.


The LolCat:

The Bitcoiner

Thank you for your email.

While the rest of the world is drowning in a tryptophan induced coma, I will be exponentially growing my wealth.

How? By buying bitcoins!

Do you see this chart:

Price of Bitcoins Nov 2012 — 2013

If that’s not a hockey stick…I don’t know what is.

And yeah, I bought in when bitcoins were only $1. Today they are trading at over $1000.

Tomorrow, who knows!

Bubble? Pshaw. No one ever said currency speculation wasn’t risky. I will return from my bitcoin mining adventure on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving.


The Selfie

Hi there! It’s Thanksgiving, so I am definitely NOT answering emails, but don’t worry! You can still keep up with me. Check it:

Hanging with the fam
Checking my makeup
Doing my hair
Playing with light
Sex bombing

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kim K

The Snapchat CEO

Heyyy brosephs-

Outta the office for Thanksgiving. Hope your dad makes a turkey as bitchin’ as mine does.

Send me snaps of your (turkey) breasts!

If your name is Zuckerbro — no, Man, I don’t want your $3 billion dollars. Seriously, Mark, stop sending me snaps of cash. Money can’t buy this Snapchat flow.

Peace out-

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