it’s not as complicated as it may seem.

Welcome to Publishing on LadyBits

An introductory instruction guide.

Hello, ladies and lady-lovers. This is a quick tutorial about posting to LadyBits on Medium.


LadyBits is currently recruiting writers, editors, and people with exceptional stories. If you’re interested in contributing to LadyBits, please email Arikia Millikan at and explain in one paragraph what you would most like to write about. Please include “Pitch:” in the subject line, and links to your relevant biographical information.

We would like to work with writers of every gender, age, race, and level of experience.


Because Medium is still in closed beta, not everyone can create new posts yet. You can tell if you have posting privileges or not by hovering over the “M” in the upper left corner. If you see “How do I post?” you are still in read-only mode. If you see “New post,” it means you have posting privileges.

LadyBits is a closed collection, which means you need to be invited to contribute. This is because I work with writers to curate the content that is published here. If you are interested in contributing to LadyBits, please email me at to discuss.

Once you have been invited to contribute on LadyBits, visit the landing page for the collection. To add a post to this collection, click the green “New post” icon in the lower left corner.

After you publish into LadyBits for the first time, you’ll automatically have the option to post into LadyBits when you add a new post from any page on Medium.

If we have a working copy in Google Docs or Draftin, paste this into Medium, along with a headline, subhead, and all the images you want. (For some reason, pasting from Google Docs transfers the text in bold, so un-bold it in Medium.) When you’re finished, click “Save draft.” Clicking “Invite collaborators” will generate a link that you can then share with me and anyone else you want to review it. You’ll be alerted by email if any comments are added, and you can view them directly on the page as well.

Do not click “Publish” until you have been cleared by me or your assigned editor for edits.

Then, share share share! The more people read your story to completion and click the “Recommend” button at the bottom, the higher your post will be ranked on Medium’s homepage.


Here are some additional resources from the editors at Medium:

Medium Style Sheet

Medium Best Practices Guide

Medium Rules

Insert any questions you have as comments and I’ll address them below!


How do I view my drafts?

Hovering over the “M” in the top left corner will produce a drop-down menu from which you can choose to view all of your unpublished drafts.