Polly Nor: Devils For The Rest Of Us

“Women Getting Carried Away” via www.pollynor.com

No sooner did I discover this week’s artist than she was blowing up — a Juxtopoz article here, a Nylon feature there, interviews all over — and for good reason. Sure, everyone is fascinated by the modern-day woman, but Polly Nor takes it to a new level, without vanity, without shame, and without clothes.

Plus, the devil.

“Learned How To Hide My Crazy” and “It Got Loose” via www.pollynor.com

But this devil is in your corner; your lover, your best friend, your reflection. This devil is the part of you that is so cool you can’t believe it, and so horrendous you’d strangle it if you knew how. Relatable, yes. Obvious, also, yes. And super fun to look at? Yes, yes, yes.

“Find your man AND keep him with one simple trick 🔪” via @pollynor on Instagram
“Cba 2 pretend no more” and “Up all night” via @pollynor on Instagram
“Look Sxc Liv Yolo” and “Treat Yourself” via www.pollynor.com
“Babe You’re Going To Be Fine”, “Onwards and Upwards”, and “Too Good For You” via www.pollynor.com

From that kickass color palette to stunning scenes of unadulterated, picture-perfect masturbation, Polly Nor is putting onto paper what many of us ladies feel all the time: self-hatred and self-love swirling together into some godforsaken tornado of doubt, facade, jubilation, and light-hearted cynicism.

“It Never Happened” and “The Devil Wears Nada” via www.pollynor.com

If you would care to see more lava lamps, tits, cacti, cell phones, snakes, or aroused demons, visit Polly Nor over on her Instagram, or you can purchase her perverse illustrations on an easy-to-flaunt t-shirt or cell phone case at her shop.

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