Scott Lenhardt: Not Actually A Lady

all photos via @twentyfourhourwoman on Instagram

As I set out to write this week’s post, I was startled to find that this artist is not a lady (assumptions, assumptions), but, in fact, a man named Scott. Twenty Four Hour Woman is the absurdly entertaining and beyond ingenious project of one Scott Lenhardt, a New York based artist who creates everything from pet portraits and album artwork to human portraits and illustrations for Nike. He is extremely talented, so check him out on your own time. Today we are talking about his Twenty Four Hour Woman (henceforth known as TFHW), who will pop up in your Instagram feed each day performing a brand new act.

Honestly, these are so good that I have had to use every ounce of restraint I am capable of to not just screen capture every single one and post them here for your viewing pleasure.

From her perfectly sculpted mullet to her flawless tapering cankles, TFHW is clearly living the life dreams are made of. The all-too realistic pear-shaped breasts. The not as realistic adorable patch of pubic hair. Those doe-shaped, long-lashed, ever widening eyes — she really might be my very favorite person.

TFHW, among other things, has eaten oysters, was raised by wolves, skydived, belly flopped, fed a rabbit, installed solar panels, blown bubbles, assembled a trampoline, roasted marshmallows, grown weed, been blind, invented the wheel, hula-danced, made jorts, been a stunt woman, washed a cat, gone to space, punched a mirror, barfed, busked, boxed, played Operation, released doves, counterfeited money, turned butter, metamorphosed, and that’s just the start.

If that weren’t enough, there are also some killer references to a long list of cultural icons, including George Washington, Star Wars, Marilyn Monroe, Aladdin, Popeye, Calvin and Hobbes, the indian on Tootsie pop wrappers, Salvador Dali, John Cusack, Keith Haring, TLC (Left Eye), The Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio, The Vitruvian Man, James Bond, Gremlins, Alice in Wonderland, Katy Perry, the Kool Aid Man, and the fucking Princess Bride.

I can’t overstate how excellent this project is and how you need to set aside an hour or so to scroll through 66 weeks of these on Instagram. You can also find Scott’s other work, plus Twenty Four Hour Woman merch, on his website.

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