From Startup with Love❤️ Go Batch 4 !

Lafayette Plug and Play has reached a new milestone in its development with the arrival of 16 new start-ups that will take part in its fourth programme. 50% of them are French and 50% are international, from Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

LPNP Batch 4

The new programme launched on March 5th for a period of 3 months, and Lafayette Plug and Play became the first French accelerator ever to welcome a company that has previously raised more than 100 million dollars.

Over the last 6 months, Lafayette Plug and Play has also been able to significantly strengthen its corporate partner ecosystem, with four new corporations active from the retail industry joining the ever-growing platform: We are excited to announce and welcome Mediaperformances, Lagardère Travel Retail, Kiabi and Camaïeu to Lafayette Plug and Play. 🙌🏽

Four new corporate partnerships and an extremely positive results from the 2017 batches, confirming the relevance of its model in France and internationally.

A fourth international promotion tackling major retail & ecommerce issues

Over 200 startups applied to our call for applications, with an increasing number of international ones, leading to the selection of 16 companies for this new Batch.

50% are French and 50% are international, from Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. Among them, Blippar — a British company that aims to develop the French market — is already identified as a very high potential start-up. By welcoming it in our programme, Lafayette Plug and Play becomes the first French accelerator to support a start-up which has raised over 100 million $.

The companies have been carefully selected by Lafayette Plug and Play and its corporate partners to meet their business challenges. Lafayette Plug and Play’s ambition remains the same: Supporting the development of the start-ups that disrupt retail and fashion, and creating an open-innovation ecosystem together with its corporate partners.

In this programme, the startups are focusing on retail themes like customer experience, product personalization, artificial intelligence, payments, data analysis and logistics, but are also addressing emerging opportunities, such as vocal commerce and augmented reality.

🥁 The new members of LPnP Batch 4 are :

⭐️Allo Media— FRANCE 🇫🇷

The Vocal Cookie is a plug-and-play proprietary technology which transforms all phone discussions into customers structured data and based on three pillars: telephony, voice recognition and deep semantic analysis based on Artificial Intelligence.

⭐️Blippar— UNITED-KINGDOM 🇬🇧

Blippar specializes in augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Since 2011, Blippar has harnessed this technology to push the boundaries of what is possible in AR, bringing physical brand touchpoints to life in 2000+ campaigns.

⭐️Buy Buddy— TURKEY 🇹🇷

Buy Buddy is the maker of Hitag, the smart apparel shopping tag and the connected analytics platform, that help retailers manage their inventories, customer behaviors and employee efficiencies.

⭐️Capsule 3D— FRANCE 🇫🇷

Replacing time-consuming shooting with a virtual 3D digital image generation collaborative platform, to help marketing & designer teams produce and automate marketing material struggling to feed the e-commerce & social media juggernaut.

⭐️Cerebel — GERMANY 🇩🇪

Cerebel’s conversational search platform for fashion brands and retailers makes it easy to create engaging voice experiences for every distribution channel — in mobile apps, on Amazon Echo or on Google Assistant.

⭐️Madumbo— FRANCE 🇫🇷

We make sure that the quality of service of web products never suffers. At each new code deployment, we report any appearing dysfunction within minutes, warning tech teams from pushing online bugged code. Every minute, we also monitor the critical parts of websites and ensure they work as planned. The teams in charge of web products can be more efficient and avoid critical mistakes, with high impact on turnover.

⭐️Metigate— FRANCE 🇫🇷

Metigate transforms weather into business opportunities thanks to SaaS and API Weather-to-action that translates weather conditions into dedicated commercial and operational actions to automatically improve ROI and sales.

⭐️Place2Swap— FRANCE 🇫🇷

Place2swap enable retailers to create a new source of revenues by integrating 2nd hand market into their business model. An smart way to increase footfall in stores and the only profitable solution for retailers to address circular economy easily.

⭐️Returnado— SWEDEN 🇸🇪

Returnado offers online merchants the world’s best returns process through its unique technology and process. The platform has proven to increase online merchants’ profitability, increase quality & customer satisfaction.

⭐️Showsourcing— BELGIUM 🇧🇪

Discover live collaboration and automation for faster and better purchasing decisions. Gather inspirations from sales and marketing, digitalize your sourcing, automate your purchasing process and collaborate with your suppliers from one single tool.

⭐️Stockly— FRANCE 🇫🇷

Stockly (Ex Sneakerguy) is a service that allows any e-commerce website to automatically switch to “marketplace mode” on stock-outs (products remain available for the customers, at the same price, but shipped by one of our partner retailers).

⭐️Splitit— ISRAEL 🇮🇱

Splitit enables both ecommerce and brick & mortar merchants to offer interest-free monthly installment payments to their customers at checkout. No credit check. Customers do not have to apply for a new credit line or qualify for a new credit card.

⭐️Tap Buy— FRANCE 🇫🇷

Tapbuy is a “Mobile Checkout as a Service” platform. Our technology provides retailers with a world-class checkout experience which leads to 74% increase of the turnover on mobile,44% increase of the NPS and the removal of all mobile checkout IT costs.

⭐️Tekyn— FRANCE 🇫🇷

TEKYN is a digital factory providing an on-demand fashion manufacturing service to its customers (the brands) thanks to its industry 4.0 technology.

⭐️Tooso— ITALY & UNITED-STATES 🇮🇹 🇺🇸

Tooso transforms every eCommerce search engine into an AI shopping assistant that adapts in real time to the needs and the preferences of the shoppers. Our customers saw an ~+15% increase the avg. basket and ~+20% increase in revenue from search.


From e-commerce to manufacturing, Unmade is a complete digital solution that enables the world’s most innovative brands to create unique customization experiences at an industrial scale.

An open-innovation ecosystem strengthened by the arrival of new corporate partnerships

In the continuity of the corporate partnerships already established with the Swiss group Maus Frères (Lacoste, Gant, Aigle, Manor…), C&A, Carrefour, Moët-Hennessy and Up Group, Lafayette Plug and Play announces the signature of four new major partnerships with Mediaperformances, Lagardère Travel Retail, Kiabi and Camaïeu. These partnerships consolidate the Lafayette Plug and Play virtuous model based on open-innovation with the aim of supporting both the development of accelerated start-ups and the digital transformation of corporate partners by connecting them with the best start-ups in their sectors.

A very positive year 2017 for the 29 accelerated start-ups

This fourth promotion comes after the two programmes organized in 2017 which accelerated 29 start-ups, and which brought them the following:

⭐️ Overall, more than 55 collaborations have been set up between these start-ups and the Lafayette Plug and Play corporate partners

⭐️ Eight start-ups raised 10.4 million euros

⭐️ Eight start-ups were identified and rewarded by major companies, particularly during Viva Tech 2017 (Heuritech, MishiPay, and Clustaar), the ANDAM Award 2017 and CES 2018 (Euveka) , the “Night of Connected Commerce” event (Kairos Fire), the ECR Award (Ownest), or the Google Premier Partner selection (Dream Agility).

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