🍾 Success Story: Alcméon x Galeries Lafayette

Alcméon x Galeries Lafayette

We reveal crucial insights about what is currently happening in the retail and fashion industry through the highlight of the Success Stories between our startups and our Corporate Partner. Let’s begin with Alcméon and The Galeries Lafayette. 👏🏽

Bertrand Stephann, CEO of Alcméon with Valérie Daoud Henderson, Strategy Director of Alcméon shaking hands of Matthieu Caloni, Strategy and Digital Transformation Director of GL. 🤝

Who is Alcméon ?💡

Alcméon is a cloud based Customer Engagement Platform. Natively plugged to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Messenger, it uses Artificial Intelligence to help leading brands dialog with existing or future customers on social media and mobile messaging apps.

With its unique suggestion technology and its Automation center, Alcméon helps customer service reps and advisors to be much more efficient on the conversational frontline where customers expectations are incredibly high.
With Alcméon, Leading brands can turbocharge their customer service on social media and mobile.

🚀 Social messaging is booming and consumers are shifting quickly from phone & email to mainstream messaging apps when they have to interact with brands or retailers.

In 2017, 2 Billion messages are already sent each month by consumers to brands, only on Facebook Messenger — and this number is growing fast !

It’s a huge challenge, because on these new channels customers are expecting brands to analyze, understand and answer very quickly their comments or their requests… And if they are not happy with the brand’s answer, it’s easy for them to share immediately their bad experience with a lot of other customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. …

The challenge 🔝

Social Messaging is booming (+394% according to Flurry in 2016!).

Millenials already spend more time daily on apps than on the traditional phone or email… This is a huge challenge for companies. Customers expect brands to be available on different channels (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WeChat…),a 24/7 service, very quick replies when the problem is simple,… and the ability to join a human rep when it’s really necessary !

Now they want to interact with brands the way they interact with their friends…😎

Galeries Lafayette saw the opportunity to develop better, more relevant and responsive relationships with its customers. Hence it decided to use Alcméon’s solution. 🙌🏽

Alexis Jakubowicz, New Media Director of the Galeries Lafayette
When you really want to go « conversational », you can either go straight after the cool shiny bot, or build what your customers really need from your brand and that is what we just did with Alcméon. Their tech allows us to connect our customer service to our social media environment in no time with a « Human first, bot second » approach. Today, with this mixed model we deal with more than 30,000 messages, mostly through Alcméon.

Alcméon plugged their solution to the existing Galeries Lafayette answering ecosystem (contact center + CRM + existing chatbot). Galeries Lafayette has now a virtual frontline solution which manages all the social messaging inbound and outbound traffic, offering customers a modern and hybrid service on their favorite channels : automated when it’s relevant, human and personalized when it’s necessary. The solution has been deployed in April, here are some metrics :

  • 7 Galeries Lafayette social accounts connected to Alcméon, and the whole system was fully operational in just a couple of weeks (advisors’ training, chatbot integration and CRMconnection) 👍🏼
  • a 24/7 service ( 1/3 of the messages sent by customers are sent during non business hours) 💪🏼
  • an impressive spontaneous traffic (the social messaging services have not yet been advertised so far whether on or offline) : more than 30 000 messages processed 🤳🏽
  • a very high 31% positive feedback rate🥇
Alcméon’s Dream Tream : Bertrand Stephann, Valérie Daoud Henderson, Charles Doxuan & Guillaume Schwetterle.
Charles Doxuan — CMO of Alcméon
We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve in just a few months with Galeries Lafayette through our program in Lafayette Plug and Play. At Alcméon, we like technology and innovation that work, meaning that can be smoothly embedded in an existing ecosystem, and that our clients’ advisors can easily use to improve their customers’ satisfaction. With Galeries Lafayette, we have a client which is already using Alcméon at nearly full capacity: 24/7 automatic gathering and analysis of messages, ultra smooth handoff chatbot / human advisors, machine learning based suggestion tool for advisors, insight generator with its powerful statistic and clustering functionalities etc. . But we are innovating constantly, 2018 is going to be another exciting year. A LOT is going on in our industry, and we are ready to help the Galeries Lafayette group to embrace the “conversational revolution” impulsed by the worldwide giants of social messaging like Facebook or WeChat !

On top of that, Alcmeon just won the French Tech Pass , and have been invited by the government. Yes, they rock. 🔥

Valérie Daoud Henderson from Alcméon & Mounir Mahjoubi, the Secretary of State for Digital — ‎Gouvernement.fr

Writer: Dounia Agharbi, Head of Communication & Marketing Lafayette Plug and Play

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