Success Story: Guérin x Merito 🏆

Merito’s goal is to recruit the right people for the right reasons for retailers.

⭐️ The problem

Recruiters have been using the exact same tools for the past 50 years: job interviews, personality test, skills assessments… And every recruiter is still struggling with every recruitment. It is time consuming and expensive and companies make many mistakes during the process. Why ? Because they lack important pieces of information.

⭐️ The value proposition

Merito is a platform for retailers to recruit instantly qualified staff for their stores. Merito’s platform uses managers and coworkers’ feedbacks to qualify candidates and identify the right person for the right job instantly. No agencies, no recruiters and no interviews.

With its unique matching technology, Merito is able to find the “one perfect” candidate for every job. No more time wasted on analyzing CVs and conducting interviews.

100% of candidates selected by Merito’s platform are hired by retailers.

The multi billion euro recruitment market is evolving at a fast pace. On one hand, candidates want to enjoy more flexible schedules, and on the other employers need to be able to recruit instantly. Through better connections, Merito seeks to elevate how people experience their careers and lives.

⭐️Guerin Testimonial

Guerin chose Merito to solve their recruitment challenges.

“Recruiting has always been a huge challenge for all our stores in Paris. Jobboards are expensive, time consuming and unreliable. We had the chance to meet the Merito team at Lafayette Plug and Play at the beginning of 2017.” Alexandra Kalfon, Human Resources Manager at Guerin.

Every ladder of Guerin (retail managers, HR, …) was thrilled to test this innovative way of recruiting. A week after the partnership was settled, Guerin had already recruited 3 Merito candidates.

“Thanks to Lafayette Plug and Play, we met the most prestigious fashion brands. We’re so thrilled to work with Guerin and so are our candidates!”
Marion, co-founder of Merito.

Writer: Dounia Agharbi, Head of Communication & Marketing Lafayette Plug and Play

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