“Are you making what you’re worth?”

That question drives me fucking insane. I hear it from entrepreneurs, preachers, speakers, life coaches, etc. in many different forms.

Its time to start earning what you’re worth.

How the hell do you know what you’re worth? Is there a value estimate app that I am missing for my “gifting?”

The other night I was walking by a popular restaurant by my house called Biergarden. That place is so delicious. They have incredible short rib beer-cheese nachos and even more delicious old-fashioned cocktails. You know why I decided to check out Biergarden and spend a silly amount of money on beer-cheese? Their plants. Honestly, its not really my kind of crowd. I don’t even like beer. But their plant display in front is on fucking point.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been to Biergarden now. I don’t know how many times I have recommended people to go spend stupid amounts of money on beer and cheese and other unhealthy things there. What if everyone that has been in Biergarden decided to try it based on their plant display? What if Biergarden was solely successful because of its brilliant gardentopia out front? Do you think that plant display company is getting paid what they are worth based on that reality? No. Of course their not. Because people don’t get paid based on their potential. They get paid for their assumed face value.

So can we please change the question of what your product or gifting is worth and start asking if people feel good in general?

I want to shift the conversation of “what are you worth?” to “are you happy?” Do you have what you want?

Value is so different to so many people for so many different reasons. Your time is not more valuable because you have a lot of money. Your opinions are not less valuable because you have less obvious influence.

You create your value. You decide if you are getting what you want.

If you want to get paid $10/hour for performing open-heart surgery, awesome. If you want to get paid $500/hour to be a hired friend, fantastic.

But do not tell someone that because they are not making over seven figures for their creative genius, that they are not earning what they are worth. The assumption that someone is not getting what they are worth only means that you aren’t.

My time, energy, and creative genius is fucking priceless. You could not pay me enough for me to say that you have paid me what I am worth because there is not enough money in existence to make me feel that way, and there never will be.

Am I getting what I want by sharing my thoughts for free on a rarely-visited website? Yes. Could my genius inspire your genius and make this world a better place? Absolutely. That is worth more to me than money right now.