China in Audax.

The rapid growth of China is due to the fact that they made the right decisions which in turn put the nation on the right path for increased productivity and strategic investment. Empirical evidence shows that before the late 2000s, China’s rapid growth was based on these three factors:

  1. Improvement in productivity.
  2. Accumulation of capital.
  3. Labor force expansion which was occasioned by the open door policy and favorable economic reforms.

Thereafter, investment in strategic sectors of the economy also led to a solid growth rate that has helped in the smooth transition to a high-income nation (see Zhu, Xiaodong. 2012).

The open-door policy also known as flexible trade policies with other nations brought in new management practices, foreign direct investment, improved technological know-how and world market access for Chinese businesses. These new policy directions boosted China’s productivity immensely and as it improved over time, production and investment expanded.

Audax Code School in Lagos, Nigeria is showing a passionate commitment to the cause of bridging the opportunity divide between Nigerians and their contemporaries around the world through high quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

The fact that Audax won the 2014 Google Rise Award for Computer Science education is proof that international standards are being met. Also, partnerships with local and international technology companies have led to maintaining best practices in modern technology.

Audax is implementing e-learning technologies, solutions, and global best practices and trends by educating Nigerians especially the youths and children on the use of data tools which include Algorithms, Machine learning, Web design and development, and improvement of logical power which are driving investments and acquisitions in many startups around the globe.

How can we not say that this is such an investment like the kind China made? As we all know, Entrepreneurs and Institutions around the world are making huge investments in new companies and ideas that utilize data to provide core solutions to the world’s growing needs and it is only a matter of time before that potential economic boom in Audax’s investment on the personalities of their trainees, the Nigerian nation and the world at large.

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