Philips Lumea ipl 9000 bri955, bri957, bri957 latest model 2021 for Hair removal

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Philips lumea latest model 2021 are: lumea bri955, bri957, bri958.

philips ipl lumea 9000 latest model 2021 bri958, bri957,bri955 for hair removal

There are various hair removal devices with different features, but Lumea ipl 9000 bri957 is considered to be one of the best hair removal devices due to its different features and advantages, and in this article, we will discuss together the best features of Philips Lumea ipl 9000 bri957.

Philips Lumea 9000 IPL bri957 Price: £450.00 from Amazon uk, See it here.

comapre philips lumea latest model 2021: bri955,bri957,bri958

there is no big difference between the 3 newsiest models of lumea, The only defferince is that the model bri958 and bri957 has 4 attachments but the bri955 has 3 attachments, other features are the same.

Pros of Philips Lumea ipl 9000 bri957 the newest philips lumea device

philips lumea 9000 ipl bri957 for hair removal

Philips lumea prestige bri 957 ipl 9000 series has different pros as the following:

  • Can be used easily at home

This device depends on safe technology which is tested by dermatologists. It utilizes gentle light with ipl technology to make hair in the sleeping mode which finally puts hair follicle in resting mode. When you use this device regularly, you will find that it prevents your hair from growing again.

  • Gives effective results

Various researchers found that it helps in the reduction of hair by 92 % when you use it for only three sessions. Perform your first 4 sessions every 2 weeks and after that, you can perform the other eight sessions every 4 weeks and enjoy smooth skin free of hair.

  • Has high sensor technology

Lumea ipl 9000 bri957 has an effective sensor that helps in the detection of skin tone to adapt the device to your skin in a comfortable way.

  • Contains various attachments

It has perfect attachments that fit each area in your body. It also has a unique program for each area to ensure effective and safe treatment.

  • Can be used for different body area

the Philips laser hair removal bri955,957, 958 has a specific attachments foe Each body area, especially sensitive areas such as bikini and underarm. You can use it to remove hair from the face, body, and Private body areas.

  • Has UV filter

It includes UV filter which helps in protecting your skin from the damaging light of UV.

  • A high number of flashes

philips lumea 9000 contains up to 450.000 flashes which are lasting for a long time and save your money.

  • Curved design attachments

It has attachments that are curved to have proper contact with the curved area in the body.

  • proper 5 settings

This device includes 5 proper settings with smartskin sensor which helps in controlling the device according to your skin tone.

  • Gives the best result in long-lasting hair removal

It gives you the best results after only six months as it makes your skin smooth and free of hair.

  • Proper for various skin and hair types

Philips Lumea bri957 ipl 9000 series works in various types of skin and hair such as black, blonde hair, and white to brown skin. It is not suitable for grey or white hair or very brown skin.

  • Can be used corded or cordless

It has the feature of using it whether by using the cord or without it as it can be charged which makes it easy to be used freely.

Cons of Philips Lumea ipl 9000 bri957

philips lumea 9000 can’t be used with specific skin and hair types such as very brown skin and grey, red or white hair, as the device can’t recognize these skin tones.

Philips lumea 9000 models:

- Philips lumea prestige bri957

Philips lumea prestige bri957 ipl 9000 serise

450000 flashes
4 attachments
corded and cordless use

Ipl 9000 Philips lumea bri957 price is £450.00 see at amazon here.

- Philips lumea prestige bri955

450000 flashes
4 attachments
corded and cordless use

IPL 9000 Philips lumea bri955 price is £399.00 . see at amazon here.

- Philips lumea prestige bri958

Philips lumea bri958 ipl 9000

450000 flashes
4 attachments
corded and cordless use

Philips lumea bri958 price is not available.

How to use Philips Lumea ipl 9000 bri957

The steps of using Lumea ipl 9000 bri957 are very easy and they include the following:

  • Clean your skin before using the device.
  • Try to peel your skin before removing hair to remove dead skin cells.
  • Press the power of the device and select the setting which is suitable for your skin tone from one to five.
  • Put the device on your skin at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Slide the device across your skin in slow motion as the light is flashing.
  • After finishing the session, you can use moisturizing creams on your skin.

Advice after using philips lumea bri958 ipl 9000

There is various advice you have to follow after using Lumea ipl 9000 bri958:

  • You have to wait for 24 hours before taking shower or exposing yourself to sunlight.
  • You have to wait for 24 hours before using any deodorants.
  • You should use moisturizing creams after the session.
  • It’s important to follow the treatment schedule to obtain the best results.

Questions about Philips Lumea ipl 9000 bri 957

How often should I use Lumea ipl 9000 bri957 to have the best results?

It’s recommended to use it for 6 months to have the best results.

Does hair disappear after using philips Lumea 9000 bri957?

Your hair will start to fall out after about two weeks of using the device.

What will happen if I use Lumea ipl 9000 bri957 every day?

Using it every day may irritate your skin so it’s not recommended to do that.


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