AI-Driven Trading For The Future, With Lake Wealth — Beta Live Now📱

We’re excited to announce the launch of our smart cryptocurrency trading product, Lake Wealth!

Lake Wealth provides you with artificial intelligence as a tool to automatically build and continually manage a smart cryptocurrency portfolio.

Invite-Only Beta 🤫 📋

After spending 2 years developing our AI and running real money trials, we’re ready to bring this product to users in the form of our invite-only beta.

We’re reserving 100 spots for early-supporters to try out it out.

Users will be able to sign up, set a budget, and plug in our smart AI to build and manage a smart cryptocurrency portfolio based on real market data, not emotions.

The Lake Wealth AI 🤖📈

We built the AI that powers Lake Wealth with the crypto-space in mind because we believe cryptocurrencies have huge potential as an asset class and their programmable nature makes it easier to develop new technology. These low barriers to entry have allowed us to constantly trial our AI with real money in real markets after every upgrade to our AI’s codebase.

After 3 months of live-money trials, the results look promising. While past performance isn’t indicative of future results, our AI-based strategies are more effective than holding BTC on its own.

Learn more about our technology 💻

Our data science team has spent over 2 years building out and testing our AI. If you’d like to learn more about the development process that got us to where we are today, our CTO, Vivek Menon, will be publishing a Medium post soon doing a deep dive of our technology.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out at

Crypto is just the start 🏁

It’s well understood that the Millennial generation, our generation, has faced and continues to face unique financial challenges; lower buying power, longer work hours and a lack of financial literacy. Millennials feel more disenfranchised and disengaged from the tools and systems they need to maintain a strong financial wellbeing.

With the cost of living rising across the board, and home ownership becoming further out of reach, the previous systems of accruing wealth just aren’t available to us anymore. That’s why we developed Lake Wealth — we want to build smart financial tools for the world and help our generation improve their financial well-being.

Meet the team 🚀 🤝

If you have already signed up for the Lake Wealth beta, thank you for your support! We are really excited to build out and improve a product that we know will help people grow their wealth in a smarter way.

At this early stage, feedback from our community is invaluable and gets us 1 step closer to building the smartest financials tools for the world.

Share your thoughts 🤔

Join our community and share your thoughts, or better yet swing by and meet the team in-person in Toronto at:

202–251 Spadina Avenue
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