I have also always liked going to club nights. I like to dance, I like to watch other people dance, and above all: I like listening to the music. I also really enjoy proper visuals during a club night, especially because I took part in a visual collective called NEON GOLDEN, which is based in Vienna. During our residencies we developed shorts and animations for the audiovisual scene in Europe. This may be a reason why I could improove my sense for an audiovisual enviroment a lot. 
Here’s me atempt to keep on going.

I wanted to become a VJ. One of the reasons is stated above. Another reason is that I wanted to program and design something that was in many ways similar to a game, yet serves a different purpose. The last reason is that I really like performing, but I have no time to start or join a musical project. This project is in line with what I do daily, but also allows me to perform live.

With that in mind I started working on my VJ project in my off time. I collected some illustrations I did during my educational time in Motion that has an accurate BPM tapper and uses FFT to analyze the live audio, giving me 32 values that range from the low end of the sound to the high end. This data is then passed through OSC to Vuo, where the magic happens — and it kinda feels like magic, because the data (obviously) corresponds to what you’re hearing. It worked totally fine on my home setup.

Next time I will be happy too see one of my set-ups life.

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