What am I? I am probably a Polyglot. Polyglots make use of different languages on a daily basis. I never thought about this gift until my family and friends told me that they are impressed about my language skills. But how do they effect my way of thinking, feeling, behaving? After spending the whole day learning english grammer at school is it still possible to dream in german?
I speak fluently in German, English, Polish and Italian. I also know some words in Spanish. When it comes to problem solving I better write texts in English than in German. This may be real because we use short words in English and long texts in German while speaking about the same content. Comparing English with Chinese is maybe the same biggest issue when speaking about content differencies. In Chinese we use a lot of symbols to express something, in English on the other hand is using a few words to express some e.g. feelings.

We could go a bit futher in this and say we also see language from a visual perspective. Usually we use letters to build words and setences to express our ideas and thoughts. But we also use an even shorter way of expression which we call Icons and Emojies. 
Emojies are symbols which can express our feelings. They range from feelings to things like cars, food or even sports. Icons are symbols which express content aswell and stand for a certain thing. 
But why do we use all these symbols in our language? Haven’t we been using symbols and signs in acient years to express ideas and thoughts already when we have been living in caves? Are we going back now in time and express our feelings, thougts or ideas in a shorter way again?

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