About Custom Picture Books

Your child’s very own story book, customised beautifully to create personal memoirs that can be preserved for eternity. Read on if you would like to know more.

The story book can be customised on several levels. To name a few:

  • The child can be the hero along with any one else such as parents, grandparents, best friend(s), cousins…absolutely anyone whom your child adores.
  • A theme that fascinates the child. For example if a child enjoys adventure, she could appear in an adventure story, solving riddles as she goes along. She can be shown as a hero who helps the others get through the adventure without getting hurt.
  • The story can be written in accordance to her reading level. This is done by adjusting the number of pictures, the amount of text, the complexity of the plot and so on.
  • The story can include objects that a child holds on to all the time. For instance in one of the books I created, the child wanted her toy bear to accompany her on any adventure she went on.

Until now, I have done personal memoirs based on memorable trips taken as well as fictional stories weaved around special moments with favourite people.

Since the stories written in the Custom Picture Books are customised on several levels, they are not available for sale to the general public. In other words you would be the sole owners of the copies of the book you order. For the same reason, no where on this website would you find books already done for clients before. Your copy is considered to be your own personal copy.

About the author

I am a picture book author. Apart from the Custom Picture Books, I have written other books such as TED, The Fire Engine Who is Afraid of Fire!, TED, The Fire Engine Finds A New Friend! , Ronny The Bully, Triangle Fish Goes Missing!, Christmas Under The Sea and “Eat, Play & Enjoy!”. Apart from story books, several of my short stories have appeared in children’s magazines and newspapers like Magic Pot, The Hindu Young World and Deccan Herald. I am currently contributing short stories to Intelly Jelly and a monthly column in Robin Age, on everyday economics and finance for children.

To contact me, please write to lakshmi.mitter@yahoo.com

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