Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will you be using photographs?

I don’t use photographs. I illustrate in cartoon style. The only information I would need from you will be the type of hair a child has- straight, wavy or curly and hairstyle.

2. Will the illustrations be life like pictures?

No, I use cartoon style of illustration. They will not be life like pictures. Please refer Sample Custom Picture Book for an idea.

3. How does the process work?

To begin with, I collect basic information such as the child’s name, the names and relationships of the other characters the child would like to see in the book, the reading level, the interests of the child and so on. Apart from the above basic information, I would request you to give any other detail which you may deem fit to make the book extra special. These could even be things like a toy that child likes to hold on to at all times or a particular song that helps the child associate with the memory that you are trying to preserve and so on.

4. What information would you need?

A) The kind of hair your child has- straight, curly or wavy.

B) The kind of hairstyle your child has.

C) The kind of stories he or she enjoys.

D) The reading level.

5. How long does it take to complete a book?

It generally takes between 3–4 weeks.

6. How much do these books cost?

Price of one copy of Custom Picture Book is Rs.1000.

Standard package for personal memoirs contains four copies of the Custom Picture Book. The price of the package is Rs.2000. (Additional courier charges apply for deliveries outside India.)

If you would like the number of copies to be either less than 4 or greater than 4, please write to me. My email is

7. Would these books be available on sale to the general public?

No, Custom Picture Books ordered by you will not be available anywhere for sale. It will be your own personal copy.

8. How to place an order?

Please fill the form in this link to place an order

9. How to pay?

You can pay via Paytm or via online transfer. Once you place the order, I shall email the details.

Any other questions? Please free to send an email to me. My email is