Other books & Short Stories

TED, The Fire Engine Who is Afraid of Fire!

Ted is no ordinary fire engine. He has a potato shaped face and what’s more, he is afraid of fire! His fireman is not happy with Ted and might give him away. Ted feels very sad. He wishes for a magical way to become brave at once. Will he find a way before it is too late?

TED, The Fire Engine Finds A New Friend!

TED, The Fire Engine Finds A New Friend! is a delightful tale of a rare friendship between a fire engine and a giraffe who wants to be a firefighter. The giraffe and other animals are caught in a forest fire. Ted is helpless. Fire engines cannot do much in forest fires as they cannot drive through thick woods quickly enough, to put out fire. He is worried about the giraffe and the other animals. They must be saved somehow!

Ronny the Bully

TED and the other fire engines are very excited as a new fire engine is about to join them. They all are looking forward to be friends with the new fire engine. The new fire engine Ronny turns out to be contrary to their expectations. In fact he causes trouble in the fire station and bullies all the fire engines. In particular he likes to bully TED’s best friend Nat. TED feels sad to see his friend getting bullied often and decides to do something about it.

Triangle Fish Goes Missing!

“Triangle Fish Goes Missing!” is a beautiful tale of friendship between three fish with very different personalities. Puffer Fish is cool headed fish who is also very brave. Angler Fish gets angry very easily and that makes him totally incapable of making decisions when there is a crisis. Triangle Fish is a pea brain fish who knows only one thing- Food.

Christmas Under The Sea

Puffer, Angler and Triangle make plans for Christmas. Since they don’t have trees under the sea, they decide to decorate a coral instead. They ask other fish for help in finding pretty things that could be used to decorate the tree. The fish come back with pretty plastic bags oblivious of the danger posed to them. Triangle who is always hungry announces that he wants to eat one of the bags as they look tasty. Fortunately Angler knows that plastics are toxic and warns the other fish to stay away from plastic. She declares that ‘someone’ has been dumping plastic bags into the ocean and must be stopped.

Short Stories & Articles


A travel story series and a mystery series for the monthly children’s magazine -Intelly Jelly

A monthly column on everyday Economics for Robin Age.

In the past

Hindu Young World

  1. Dressing Up
  2. Mouse On A Mission
  3. Ready Money Needed
  4. New Money
  5. What’s For Dinner?
  6. Crunch That Budget!
  7. Under The Lemon Tree
  8. Nutty Matter

9. A Gift for The Princess

Hindu Open Page

  1. Let Go And Let Them Fly!
  2. Games Children Play

Deccan Herald (Open Sesame)

Adventures Of An Ant

Deccan Herald (Business Page)

  1. FDI languishes, savings a casualty are the casualty.
  2. Cash transfer is no magic wand
  3. Power shortage could lead to higher inflation
  4. Aam admi and flip side of subsidies

5. Can FDI in retail displace small shops?



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