AI will turn peer to peer trade into trillion dollar market

Imagine an AI powered system that matches your merchandise to willing buyers, and completes the sale for you. Introducing Lalafo, an artificial intelligence driven marketplace that gets smarter as more people use it. Lalafo is a mobile app that harnesses the power of users and moderators, learning via image recognition and natural language processing to remove the barriers between you and SOLD!

Lalafo provides access to instant deal-making. Snap a pic of the item you want to sell, and the app quickly detects colors, materials, makes, models, manufacturing dates, and more. It can even suggest a price. Let Lalafo know what you want to buy, and it will match you with what you’re seeking. It’s that quick.

Lalafo is a C2C marketplace powered by AI

The Idea: One Click & Sell

We call it the frictionless selling experience.

The average household has over 300,000 items. Only 1.5% of the world’s Internet users post unneeded stuff for sale in online marketplaces. Why? Because it’s a pain to organize online sales, especially if you have several items to get rid of. Barriers like:

· I don’t know what to sell.

· I don’t know how much money I can make.

· I don’t know who will buy it.

· It’s a hassle!

The global online classified market is approaching the $100 billion mark, and Lalafo’s AI-powered technology will expand C2C (consumer to consumer) trade tenfold. Lalafo makes selling, pricing, and matching buyers with sellers is as easy as taking one photo!

About Lalafo

Founded in 2015, Lalafo’s user base has generated and described 15 million image uploads in its first year. All items have been reviewed and approved by our moderators.

2016 Results:

  • $10 billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (calculated as the dollar value of all 2016 listings created on Lalafo)
  • 3 million monthly active users
  • 5.5 million new listings in 2016
  • 0.7 million+ new listings monthly
  • 50 million contacts
  • #1 in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Greece & Serbia for “buying and selling” services

More About Lalafo

Lalafo was founded by Yuriy Mukhin and Anna Polischuk, with the goal of creating a quick-turn global consumer marketplace where items sell themselves. This awesome team was previously in charge of the Naspers owned, web-based, general classified site Slando in 4 countries (now re-branded to OLX).