Lalilo’s ELA pedagogy

Lalilo is an innovative, artistic literacy software program for K-2 students. Our program allows students to progress in a step-by-step, developmentally appropriate, well-designed learning environment. We assist students with gaining phoneme and grapheme awareness. Eventually, they graduate to full literacy. They acquire skills like print concepts and word recognition along the way. Lalilo also has a goal of allowing you to view student progress at multiple points.

Lalilo allows you to engage in differentiated instruction.

You can assign students the tasks they think they need to develop. Our program is designed to help students become well-spoken, fluent readers of American English. Our exercises build phoneme and grapheme awareness. We start with the simpler tasks, such as identifying which sound goes with which letter. We move on to blending letters and sounds. Then students can progress to identifying words. Later exercises involve creating and decoding sentences.

Lalilo lets you highlight what tasks the student needs to complete. You can also follow our curriculum guide. Later, you can see where the student needs to improve. Our student-centered approach gives students room to practice literacy skills without feeling embarrassed or pressured.

After a student is done, Lalilo creates a report using the data from their work. The program shows the student’s current abilities, difficulties, and strengths. You then have a road map as to how the student can progress.

Lalilo makes sure peers and teachers aren’t left out of teaching.

At Lalilo, we believe in limiting a student’s alone time on a computer. Our program provides time for students to work alone as needed. Yet we also believe in Vygotsky’s social development theory. Students benefit from working with peers and adults. We are developing the exercises that you see on the platform to allow pair and small group work. Just as you, we want students to benefit from teaching practices like “each one, teach one” and “partner pair share.”

Lalilo’s curriculum is comprehensive and meets State of California standards.

Lalilo’s exercises cover the following components of literacy development: word identification, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. In our first year, we’re focusing on word identification. You can find more on that below.

Our program goals adhere to Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten to Second Grade ELA. We keep in mind the fact that California is a diverse and rapidly changing educational landscape. We know you may have many English Language Learners (ELLs). We’re here to meet the needs of students from a variety of linguistic backgrounds.

Everything in the Lalilo app: the exercises, the progression, and the directions, is designed by our team, as a group. A wide variety of specialists then contribute their thoughts and edits. Learning science experts, linguists, teachers, literacy specialists, and Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) have a say in the final product.

Details on Lalilo exercises regarding word identification.

At Lalilo, we see “word identification” as a student coming to understand the pronunciation and at least one meaning of an unknown word. We recognize that word identification is also known as “word recognition” and “decoding”.

Lalilo provides a way for students to become proficient in understanding the sounds, letters, shape, and meaning of a word. Our word identification exercises focus on:

  • phoneme awareness: learning how to say the sounds within the word
  • alphabetic principle: learning how to sound out the word
  • grapheme awareness: learning to associate the sounds in the word with letters
  • morphology and spelling: learning what the different parts of the word mean

When a student engages in all of the tasks above, they feel confident and capable to engage in word identification.

The Lalilo team welcomes your tips and feedback. You can reach out to us on