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Lamar Mickens
Lamar Mickens
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11 min readNov 30, 2018


It’s okay to be greedy and driven…Just be wise about it….

So your’e rich…But you want more. Hell, unlike most of your friends who are humble about their wealth; you are guiltless, shameless and like to flaunt it. Is that a crime? …Hell no! Flaunt it. Be proud of it! Wear it like a badge of honor, but…

What is the one problem about being wealthy? The answer: You want more and because significantly many others are not-(wealthy). Being wealthy sets you apart from others. It means your’e successful, popular and many people will adore you…And that’s okay…

Now, before someone starts to say I’m brown nosing, or ”another rich guy talking about being rich”…Let me stop you right there: I’m not rich..Not at all..Not by a long-shot…I’m actually poor…

So, no, I’m giving you a wealth perspective from a poor guy’s view. And if done right, that view could be breathtaking!!!

People think that wealth is a sin…But, in actuality — its not…It (wealth) is a delicious delight owned by a few, but enjoyed even more by fewer who are truly wealthy!! And that’s because people believe in that old age adage that is out dated: Having your cake and eating it too!

Its is possible to have the best of both worlds-(having your cake and eating too)…You just have to know how?

Now, before we get all sidetracked, let’s get back on the topic:Making capitalism work: And if you believe that capitalism IS working…Then I suggest you take a moment and think again my friend….And read some more!

You ever wonder why some businesses work and others fail?…Now generally, it could be a number of things — and at the same time, it could be one or several things. But again, let me stay on point.

Capitalism doesn't work because of greed…Rather the excessiveness of greed!

An excessiveness of greed that clouds one’s judgement, that stops one from thinking clearly, removes all moral boundaries — and even inhibits you from truly making those great / billion or even trillion dollar decisions…

Yeap, being excessively greedy will do that…But there is a “balance” just keep reading..

Greed works like this: Greed is a prelude to being greedy, just like drug use is the prelude to becoming a junkie. And speaking of junkies….

Although two different types of businessmen, they both shared the same trait…Greed…

Business wise, what is the difference between a corporate capitalist and a drug trafficker? The answer: Nothing..

They are both business people motivated by the same catalyst…Greed…And as such, they (CEO / drug trafficker) both succumb to becoming greedy….

Now, please don’t take offense….I am just using these two businesspersons as examples.

As I said earlier; there’s no shame, nor is it a crime (in the US anyway) to be greedy…Greed is good — in moderation! And if used wisely…

Capitalism doesn't work because capitalism continually takes; not gives! To make capitalism work you have to learn to be more attentive to giving-(serving) capitalism instead of giving in to capitalism.

Now before confusion sets in, let me clarify what I am saying. Let’s take this luxury / hyper-car below for example instead of a common car.

It’s a lambo, suggested price: Around $4 million dollars.

Now this super car is a super car because of its name — Lamborghini!..

Which means wealth, status, opulence, power, prestige, confidence and success.

But some may see it as greed. Greed because of capitalism.

But nearly all will not see what they should see. Not an expense: But a responsibility! A car like this requires extensive care and maintenance — over the years, which keeps the car from deteriorating and or breaking down..

Capitalism works very much the same way…Only capitalists do not perform the necessary maintenance to ensure that their investment is protected and appreciates in value over the years…

The true source of capitalism and the capitalist system is people. The everyday working / consumer or business owner alike. They are the catalyst behind capitalism. A catalyst that has been denied growth through outsourcing..

As a capitalists; when you create a job — you create growth and a wealth of opportunity for the employed-(as well as the unemployed person too).A wealth of opportunity that goes symbiotically with your business and business interests.

Outsourcing is hurting our economy, which in turn — hurts capitalism…And the Capitalists as well…If the worker who is the consumer makes less — they spend less…Which means less profit for the capitalists…

So let’s say your a capitalist in the internet business and you want to expand your fee for access website to more than 100 million users. How do you do this? By making sure people have gainful employment so that they can afford to pay for your service.

Consumer growth is the source of capitalism. Without consumerism there is no growth-(the ability for consumers to spend, or spend more). Resulting in either a slow, stagnate or dead market.

Both relationships (capitalism and consumerism) are symbiotic in nature and fundamental to the other’s survival…A survival-(capitalism and consumerism) that is now in jeopardy and peril, because of reckless greed-(yes, there is a difference between aggressive greed and reckless greed).

Capitalism feeds off consumerism and consumerism feeds off capitalism. Nearly almost supply and demand coming full circle. Except the demand by consumerism now is that it must be fed; by one of two means.

(1) Create a whole new rounds of jobs — hundreds of thousands to millions on both blue and white collar levels. Or. (2) Increase the current pay of both blue and white collar workers in this country to about an economic bring balance. Without raising the cost of living to offset the costs of a wage increase and gain further profits. This tactic (raising cost of living) would just put you back (stale mate) at square one again-(consumerism failing and back to hurting capitalism).

Understanding consumer growth

Advertising is not the solution…It’s part of the problem…

Capitalists spend billions on advertising and producers and retail outlets. Yet many of them (capitalists) still cannot understand why their sales are still down…Advertising isn’t the solution; its part of the problem.

The first thing someone says when sales are off is “there’s a recession”. Or the market’s bullish or soft right now…

It’s not a recession-you’ve simply reach the market peak in that area of sales, products and or services — both in volume index and consumer spending-(yes, there is a consumer spending limit).

Let’s sale you are a car dealer and you purchase 5 million cars. And let’s say that are 5 million people who needs care and they can afford them. Then they-(consumers)will buy them.

However, if you purchase 5 million cars and no one has the money to buy them; then those vehicles will sit….And sit…..And sit… It’s what I call “stalled or stagnate inventory”. Unsalable merchandise or inventory.

Now if you do manage to sell these vehicles — (especially all of them)in a time where many people do not have jobs — or they do not earn enough to maintain the payment; these vehicles will come back in the form of repossession.

Because, once again — the people do not have the money to actually buy them-(meet the consecutive monthly payments). Same goes for housing, boats, businesses and more…

Now, if you create 10 million new jobs — and then produce those 5 million new cars — chances are, that 5 million people will want, need and even buy a car without you having to even advertise. Which brings me to the “how you are going to improve your sales as capitalists”?

What the producers, retailers and distributors don’t understand is that people really want to buy your product…They’re always wanting to buy things. It’s a societal addiction programmed at birth. We are a nation of consumers. But, you cannot buy something if you do not have the money or credit rating to do so.

You can have sales, lower the price — do two for one deals; and that merchandise or service-(phone, cars, homes, phone plans, insurance policies, etc.,) it still won’t sale.

Because people don’t have the money…I wanted to say that twice so it will sink in. Holiday sales are down. Profits are down; because of money. The lack of it, that is.

Remember, earlier when I said that producers, retails and distributors spend billions on advertising? What they (you) should be doing instead is spending that advertising money on creating new jobs.

Last year, American and foreign companies spent well over $180 billion dollars-(US) on advertising according to Statista…

Money that could have been spent on in-sourcing-(creating jobs within companies or creating subsidiaries) that could recirculate these monies back into the US economy — with the possibility of a special tax incentive-(companies / corporations could lobby for it).

The solution:

Now how can companies remain competitive by creating new jobs and then spending fortunes to perpetuate them? How is this profitable for big business? My answer: Pay me and I ‘ll tell you how….If you can pay advertisers, then you can pay me….But here’s a hint:

The ultimate game of “supply and demand”…There’s a new demand that needs to be supplied…And that’s jobs…….Americans want them, now someone needs to supply them…

If you create new jobs at higher pay you create new consumers. Consumers that now can afford and are willing to pay for your products and services.


Whatever clever little accountant that came up with the idea for outsourcing-(probably long dead now) if they are still alive….Fire them!

You didn’t minimize risk and offset the costs of anything through outsourcing..You are simply prolonging the inevitable.. And that inevitability is systemic failure…

While your’e saving a buck today; it will cost you two, three, even ten times that tomorrow — because you are shortchanging (being cheap and greedy — a double no-no) the capitalist system instead of paying what’s due-(paying workers and contributing to the economy) and routine preventive maintenance (like on a car) to keep costs down.

That preventive maintenance that I speak of is making sure that there are more people working than not. What allows capitalism to truly prosper and thrive is the economic fuel required to empower and perpetuate it (capitalism). And that fuel is jobs….Lots of them…

Which means that US outsourcing by our own private sector is literally hurting US capitalism! And capitalism is hurting because of greed, or rather being greedy instead of smart…

Let me elaborate even further. When you send an America job-(like a factory or service job like banking, telecommunications or accounting) or half way around the world; or an adjoining continent-(like South America, or even Canada) as a capitalists — you are literally cutting your own throat!

The money paid you are now paying for in cheaper / foreign wages now empowers their economy and not yours…Which now services their economic infrastructure of consumer spending-(which your company is based upon either one way or the other).

The taxes paid by these foreign workers-(which should have been ours) now goes towards their government —and their economy; not ours. So, essentially and in essence, your outsourcing scheme has now further empowered a foreign economy. So if you think outsourcing isn’t hurting our economy and domestic capitalism; think again…

The things that got / get outsourced

  1. Manufacturing and assembly jobs — automotive, containers, computers, heavy machinery and equipment, furniture, home appliances, cell phones, etc..
  2. Shipping-global-(air and sea).
  3. Ship building
  4. Ship (sea and air) registrations-(lower taxes to sometimes no tax if registered in some foreign countries).
  5. Technology- robotics, automation systems, etc..
  6. Research and development-biomedical, scientific, mathematics, physics, etc..
  7. Production-pharmacological, seafood, glass, metals, wood, etc..
  8. Banking, banking services and other financial institutions-(services).

Other problems that outsourcing creates

  1. Exploits cheaper labor, US and other / foreign tax laws, land, etc..
  2. Generates greater profit margins by exploiting cheaper labor-(labor akin to slave labor and or indentured servitude).
  3. Shifts production and manufacturing operations out of the US / overseas; reducing US workers — while increasing foreign workers.
  4. Further reduces America's ability to lead or become sustainable and or competitive in production and manufacturing. While increasing foreign production and manufacturing capabilities that will soon outstrip the US.
  5. Making Americans more and more dependent of foreign manufacturing akin to how we are now dependent deeply on foreign oil.

I welcome any and all questions, comments or inquires pertaining to this article…