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Leif Partners With Lambda School, Allocates Up To $50 Million To Provide High Tech Education at No Upfront Cost.

We are thrilled to announce that Leif has allocated up to $50 million in financing capacity to Lambda School to make the education students need to transform their careers available at no cost until they are making more than $50,000/year.

We’ve seen incredible early success that shows that this model of education works. The average Lambda School student who has been hired has increased his or her income by more than $50,000/year by attending. Not only are Lambda School students getting hired very quickly, but we are able to do this without requiring students to relocate or pay upfront for training.

Leif’s support makes us even more excited for the future of Lambda School and the work we are doing to help students enhance their careers and increase their earning potential without shouldering the massive risk and obligation of traditional student loans. These funds will allow us to continue training students at no upfront cost, create more classes, and create more employer partnerships with those companies hiring for high-paying software engineers.

As four-year degrees become increasingly unaffordable and student loan defaults continue to climb, the need for quality, skills-based education without the massive risk of student loans is becoming ever more apparent. Leif supports high-tech education options like Lambda School that offer training and teach skills at affordable rates.

“At Leif, we believe in giving talented, hard-working students the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills and training to get great jobs,” said Jeffrey Groeber, co-founder and CEO of Leif. “We are proud to support Lambda School in its mission to provide affordable, quality training to students who are looking to fill some of the most in-demand careers of our day.”

Developing a high-quality, affordable solution for students that’s available at no cost until hired is exactly what we set out to solve when we first started Lambda School. We’re grateful for the continued support we’ve received from investors like Leif as we continue finding and training untapped talent, and look forward to the many benefits this will allow us to offer to students moving forward.



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Austen Allred

Co-founder of Lambda School — a CS education that’s free until you’re hired https://lambdaschool.com