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Announcement-Lambda’s Global Partner Node Plan

AfterLambda Global Partner Node Program was introduced, we have received lots of good feedbacks from all around the communities. The Global Partner Node Program will provide an excellent opportunity for the individuals or groups who want to participate deeply in the Lambda Ecosystem.

During this period, the Partner Node does not need any technical skills or pay any operating expenses, and when the Partner Node is elected, they can enjoy a certain percentage of rewards by LAMB Token.

At the same time, Lambda will continue to provide technical training for Global Partner node until certain capabilities met to operate node servers independently, they can become the validators and set up storage pools at any time according to the validator election rules to obtain storage mining revenue.

A Brand New Role in Lambda Ecosystem: Lambda Partner Node Program

  • Lambda Partners Node has the responsibility of promoting Lambda project in their networks with the support from Lambda Official.
  • The qualification criteria of a Partner Node is to vote 100,000 LAMB tokens. One token = One Vote.
  • Unlike validators, Lambda Partners Node do not need to invest in mining machines, there are no strict technical requirements.

Partners Node Reward

The total reward of Partners Node program consists of the Partner Node reward and voter’s reward.

Share 50,000 LAMB Tokens Reward Daily

During the period of Lambda testnet , Partner nodes get elected to get the distribution of 50,000 LAMB Tokens by the proportion of daily voting. 50% belongsto the elected Partner Node owners and 50% belongs to voters.

Elected Partner Node: (Cumulative Votes / Total Votes of UTC Natural Day ) x (50,000 LAMB Token x 50%)

All voters: (Cumulative Votes / Total Votes of UTC natural day) x (50,000 LAMB x 50%)


During the testnet period, the top three newly elected partner nodes and their voters will share a bonus reward of 50,000 LAMB!

The rewards will be distributed as follows:

  • First place winner: 25,000 LAMB
  • Second place winner: 15,000 LAMB
  • Third place winner: 10,000 LAMB

The voters who have voted for the top three partner nodes will get bonus rewards which will be distributed as follows:

  1. Voters who have voted for the first-place partner node will be rewarded as follows:

Votes cast by the voter/ total current votes of partner nodes* (50,000 LAMB*50%).

2. Voters who have voted for the second-place partner node will be rewarded as follows:

Votes cast by the voter / total current votes of partner nodes* (50,000 LAMB*30%).

3. Voters who have voted for the second-place partner node will be rewarded as follows:

Votes cast by the voter / total current votes of partner nodes (50,000 LAMB *20%).

Mainnet Reward

Global Partner Nodes and voters can share approximately 30% revenue annually, after Lambda’s mainnetgoesonline.

Partners Reward

Since Lambda launched, Lambda has established strategic cooperation with the well-known public chain project IOST and overseas opinion leaders. They have assisted Lambda’s ecosystem construction in the long term.

Regarding to the IOST nodes, they can gain from Lambda Foundation,1000 LAMB Token votes support when theyareelected as Lambda Partners Nodes.

All the Lambda overseas opinion leaders are eligible for voting support from Lambda Foundation 1000 LAMB Token.

How to participate

Voting will take place on the BISS exchange platform. The candidate will be elected as the Lambda Partner Node after winning 100,000 LAMB Token through the community vote.

To ensure a smooth participation for supporters, the development of voting channel on BISS platform is on going to support one-click voting. BISS Exchange users can apply to be the candidate without pledge and other costs.

How to Apply

Lambda Partner Node Application Form


1. Partner Node is a new role in Lambda’s ecosystem, which is different from the original validators and storage miner’s identity and responsibilities.

2. Both validators and miners can participate in the Partner Node electoral and voting right.

3. The Partner Node program is requiredto use ERC20 LAMB Tokens.

4. The Partner Node is an independent role and is not associated with other roles in the ecosystem.

Though Partner Node is elected, you can still apply to be validators and initiate the mining pool. The participation rules are same as the original validators election rules.

5. The income of the Partner Node is ERC20 LAMB, which can be traded normally.

6. The official platfrom to participate Lambda Global Partner Node program is BISS platform. Please do not trust any non official platforms, except BISS Exchange and Lambda official community only.

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