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Lambda Bi-Weekly Report- Consensus network upgrade to v 0.2.9 version

Technology & Development Progress

1. Lambda’s Mainnet Progress

  • Mainnet Storage v 0.2.9 version released
  • Recovered to insert mnemonic wording issue
  • Storage computing power command optimization
  • Storage repair remote order synchronization issue

2. Lambda’s Mainnet Wallet Progress

  • To develope browser plugin wallet

3. Blockchain Explorer Progress

  • Testnet explorer updated, to modify mining verification page
  • Explorer trasaction list, the development of miners detail page

Marketing Progress

  • Lambda has featured on decentralized storage section on OKEx

More detail:

  • Lambda(LAMB)have listed on storage section on

More detail:

  • Tech update this week

The development of third parties storage miner’s lending system

  • Lambda consensus network v 0.2.9 version hase released

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