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Lambda Bi-Weekly Report- Lambda storage network v 0.3.0 has released

Technology & Development Progress

1. Lambda’s Mainnet Progress

  • Mainnet storage network 0.3.0 version released
  • The storage mining statement optimization
  • The development of LAMB on Ethereum and Swap API
  • Supported to develop DeFi components with3rd party financial technology team

2. Lambda’s Mainnet Wallet Progress

  • The development the page of token balance and asset list on IOS version

Marketing Progress

  1. Lambda storage network 0.3.0 version released

Main updates:

  • Support documents transfering
  • Mining optimization
  • Fixed bugs

2. Lambda Tech weekly update




Lambda is a secure, reliable, and infinitely scalable decentralized storage network that enables data storage, data integrity check, security verification, and marketplace for storage-related services on the Lambda Chain Consensus Network.

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Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. A disruptor in blockchain-base storage solution.

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