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Lambda’s Opportunity with DeFi

In the past year of 2020, cryptocurrency industry has driven by the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum and very prosperous by DeFi. About cryptocurrency ecosystem, various DeFi projects came out and became amazing to all users. The influence of bitcoin halving starts from the end of 2020. While Ethereum is driven by the development of ETH 2.0 pledge mechanism. Undoubtedly, the year of 2020’s hot topic is DeFi. DeFi is two genius ideas, which are automatic market makers (AMM) and yield farming. UniSwap, Sushi, Curve, AAVE and Synthetix; these projects have devoted their capability into blockchain industry and help the industry move forward.

At present, there are still some barriers to new players to enter DeFi field. The popularity of DeFi made people to realize traffic congestion of Ethereum, and high gas fees which is an issue for new players to join in. Except Uniswap, daily active users in other DeFi projects are around a few hundred, which these data shows a good insight comparing with DeFi project’s governance tokens’ price. Today, many blockchain teams tend to through layer 2 proposal to reduce gas. Therefore, it brings more people to use DeFi, not only hold tokens to enter the field of DeFi.

In contrast to the popularity of DeFi projects, decentralized storage and decentralized mining field have relatively low attention. The storage leading project Filecoin’s price has not risen in 2020. Meanwhile, Storj and SiaCoins also did not have so many attentions in the blockchain circle. It is the same situation for Lambda project.

Assume that decentralized storage is real economy, DeFi represents for virtual finance and modern finance, the decentralized storage has wider audience, DeFi has fast paced development. Our mission in 2021 integrates with DeFi to achieve rapid development.

This is an era of hope and dreams, this is an era of confusion and frustration. “The present situation is not final destination.” The decentralized storage industry is in “meta-one”. Reckless and hardworking coexists, bubbles and dream flies, it seems that undercurrents, but in fact it is full of vitality.

Lambda project is established in 2017. At that time, the blockchain industry were mainly ICO model. Many projects showed their concepts only. People were invests based on their concepts. As the price of Bitcoin fell in 2018, many projects have disappeared. Lambda has developed since 2018, that the reason we survived among highly competitive blockchain field, as a result we have a good place in the storage field.

During these years’ exploration, we realized that Ethereum has now became a recognized blockchain network with a whole ecosystem and business scenarios, while other blockchain systems heterogeneous to Ethereum, due to the lack of ecosystem, in the DeFi field, the gap with Ethereum is getting far away. Many public chains tend to replicate Ethereum ecosystem in their own network. It is obviously that it is not very successful.

About Lambda, Lambda has promoted the cryptocurrency concept to many Chinese and western users in the last wave of bull market. Then, this time, we still have chance to share key strengths and essence of DeFi to all.

Many projects connect with Ethereum network, the main advantages of Lambda are following:

1. LAMB ERC 20 tokens have a large number of holders.

2. The mainnet tokens generated by Lambda mainnet provide storage function, through gateway to swap with ERC 20 tokens.

3. Lambda ERC 20 tokens will launch in main DEX, such as UniSwap.

In this way, Lambda can connect with Ethereum ecosystem interoperability.

Therefore, we have cooperated with 3rd party project in the DeFi field. Lambda ERC 20 token will be one of over-collateralized coins.

At the same time, in addition to Ethereum, we also pay attention to the opportunities of ecological chain, such as Heco and BSC, etc. The huge number users and good technical progress by top exchanges provide technical foundation and good reputation for developing business easily, so our 3rd party platform will be launched based on Heco. Recently, Lambda Erc 20 token- LAMB will also be applied as an early Heco-based asset to be launch, which also paved the way for the 3rd party DeFi business.

Since Lambda will also evolve from a pure storage project to a project driven by decentralized storage and DeFi elements. The arm use by the heart, this is the nature way to be “willful blindness”.




Lambda is a secure, reliable, and infinitely scalable decentralized storage network that enables data storage, data integrity check, security verification, and marketplace for storage-related services on the Lambda Chain Consensus Network.

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Lambda is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain infrastructure project. A disruptor in blockchain-base storage solution.

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