Zhongben Talks Interview summary Part 2: Escaping the innovation dilemma to ride the blockchain wave

Aug 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Part 2. Escaping the innovation dilemma to ride the blockchain wave

In early 2013, Xiaoyang He noticed bitcoin and made investments. He was focusing more on his company OneAPM. He didn’t realize the potential value of bitcoin, the blockchain, and the changes it brought to the world in the future.

In 2017, OneAPM became the best software company in China, many of his ex-colleagues have joined the blockchain industry and became C-levels of well-known blockchain companies such as Huobi and OKEx. Under the phenomenon, Xiaoyang He took the time to understand the logic and business scenario of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

After having a basic understanding of this emerging industry and many friends entered the blockchain industry, he finally decided to join in and start a new business after handing over OneAPM to other founder’s hands.

When asked “Why to leave your previous career and join the wave of blockchain,” He Xiaoyang straightly explained said:

The reason why I entered the blockchain industry, I clearly understood the original business. The business model of the blockchain has great value and potentiality.

My specialties are technology and business models. In ‘Zero To One’, Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley investment guru, believes that there are only two types of technological innovation: the first is from 0 to 1, that is, create the non-existent things; the second is from 1 to n, which is to reach globalization.

As regarding business model innovation, we can split any business into two levels, production, and distribution. To evaluate whether a business is good, popularity for venture capitalists or not, we need to consider its ability of these two levels above.

Therefore, we want to make a difference in the business field, we need to establish these two coordinate systems: firstly from 0 to 1, that is, whether it can create valuable products; secondly from 1 to n, ie, the scalarization ability in productions and distribution.

Meanwhile, open-source and community orientation is the best and most scientific choice for a software company. This is also the concept of advocating in the blockchain industry. The token economy of the blockchain has completely changed the business model in many fields. Therefore, I determined to start innovating and exploring in the blockchain industry.

“Even though the future in front of us, we still need to step by step.” That’s his learning after ten years of working in one direction. When he was deeply aware that he could not rely on his efforts to promote the ecosystem development of the entire software industry, he resolutely jumped out of the comfort zone to explore a new continent. This may be curiosity or perhaps idealist. In any case, this has helped him with a big step towards the ideal future.

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