Opinion: Photography inspiration from social media

Today’s world has a ton of information it’s a chore to aggregate it, what i’ve always tried to do is have some control over what i’m getting out of it. Now this doesn’t mean strictly speaking limiting it to only one type of genre or hobby, but sometimes it helps your own work by looking at others around the world in a similar perspective. To me, that’s something you could never get in the perspective of a photography class, but that is something different for another topic.

I’m talking about using social media as an inspiration tool.

I recently (today actually) created a list on Twitter of the people I follow who I think are a good source of inspiration. They either post their work or retweet good work to my knowledge.

@lamlux photography list on Twitter

It’s been a long time coming that i’ve finally made a list, it’s public, you can join Twitter if you’ve not and you can even use the list as a good basis to get to know the community.

When I say community, I mean not only Twitter photographers who use film and or digital; but overall as well. A huge source of inspiration as to which led me to create a Twitter account was Tumblr. Most of the photographers I follow there now have moved on, but some remain. Instagram is another outlet that I am learning is a huge source of inspiration. (though I cannot seem to grab my following list to share) There is something vital about a feed that isn’t seen in a book. To me it’s like visiting 20 art galleries of one. Who can ignore FlickR? though i’m not sure I agree with some methods that have been used to change it since, I will graze the feed from time to time.

From the outset, social media gets a bad rap for inspiration because the rapid-nature, the ticker tape nature of it all. But once you’ve been immersed into a circle you start to see and understand one’s work. Not only their gear style and methodology of photography. To me that speaks miles, better yet, you can even TALK to them! try talking to a book sometime. Now I understand traditionally photography as an art form is primarily seen in print–you can’t help but adapt with the times.