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Zero Food Waste and the Rise of the Backyard Chicken

How your individual actions really do matter in the fight to save the planet

( image from Pixabay)

I’m pretty sure most of us are onside with the concept of saving the planet. Self-preservation is one of the most basic human instincts we all share. But when we get passed that initial gut-check, most of us suffer a great deal of inertia when it comes to taking any steps towards changing our own…



Land & Ladle gathers and highlights great stories on sustainable, innovative and equitable food. If you have a story about food, farming, gardening, food policy, food justice, food waste, the future of food, food tech or related topics we'd love to know!

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Sue Senger

PhD (Biology), MSc (Plant Science), Landscape ecologist, Freelance Writer; Farmer:; Founder: Food Abundance Revolution: