Landbot Weekly Review: GarageSpace

Howdy! In order to say goodbye to one of the best months of the year — sunny August ☀️ — we’re bringing you a new Weekly Review! 👏

To make it even more didactic, we’re including a new section called Power-ups where we’ll share some ideas on how to make the UX of the landbot reviewed even better.

This time we’ll talk about GarageSpace, a group of innovation experts that conduct creative workshops, provide consulting and support a community of garage startups. Let’s unveil their creation!


The purpose is what we’re very used to 1) explaining to people what is GarageSpace is and 2) getting leads — emails and phone numbers— from users interested in its launch.


The landbot starts introducing itself: we’re about to meet Punter, the 🤖 that takes care of ‘the garage’ when there are no humans around. The use of ‘the horns’🤘 and the ‘sunglasses’ 😎 emojis completes the cool and easy-going personality of Punter. Remember we always recommend starting the flow like this to make it as human as possible!

Then, he asks for your name and prompts you to ‘high five’ once you do. Right after, an email address promising you’ll get no spam at all with the possibility of modifying it.

We won’t notice until the end of the flow, but there’s an API Request block at the end of the flow that automatically sends you an email with the data captured through Mailchimp, and that’s super-cool and efficient!

Remember that API Request blocks are used to send information gathered by the chatbot — any field you collect from visitors — to a different app included in Zapier’s directory. You’ll need a Zapier account but you should have one anyway for a trillion other things so…

Next, you’re given three levels of options and will receive different information depending on your choice. This way, you can engage users depending on their level of engagement — in case that makes sense at all. You can cut to the chase and go straight to the business, learn more if you feel like or leave some feedback or question if you’ve wakened up in your proactive mode.

If you pick a certain option when it comes to ‘getting straight to the business’, Punter asks for data of different level: if you are more than convinced you’ll be willing to leave your phone, but if you’re asking for more info an email might be more than enough.

And that’s it, after showing interest and providing personal data, you have the option to finish the conversation or go for a different service.


The first thing that caught my eye of this landbot was its background. Although it might feel solid, it’s actually a smooth and beautiful gradient from Indian Red on top to Brown on bottom — at least that’s what EyeDropper says.

For buttons, they’ve picked a dark gray that gets on really well with the gradient. Everything is 100% readable and that’s the first thing to look at, so well done GarageSpace! 👏

Images are used but carefully: only a couple of them to deepen the messages (Wiz Khalifa asking for your phone number or Sponge Bob saying goodbye is definitely what the world needs!

Finally, something we don’t see very often but that’s really really interesting and helps visitors understand what we’re all about: icons on buttons. You can set them up right from the editor, and they add a lot of information to make the communication more efficient, just like these:


It’s time for some best-in-class tips and tricks for our new section ‘Power-ups’! We’ll share a list of things that could make the experience more engaging and take the most out of Landbot’s technology, feel free to share yours too:

  • Don’t ask for the same information twice in the same flow. It can get hard to make sure you’re not asking twice for the same thing, especially for complex flows, but it’s a must. Create loops and ‘double paths’ so visitors don’t feel like they’re, actually, talking to a predefined machine. (We’ll be releasing new statuses in the chatbot builder to make this whole work a lot easier! 😍).
  • Use different messages/images even if you’re asking/saying the same thing. Just like you would randomize your speech trying not to sound repetitive, whenever you need to explain the visitor something already explained, or dig deeper into it, try expressing it in a different and therefore natural way.
  • Create loops so every visitor can restart the flow. Make sure you give the opportunity to know more about the business even if a visitor was curious enough to check what happened after saying ‘goodbye’.
  • Keep messages short and avoid +3 in a row. The goal here is that users don’t need to scroll to read a group of messages — this is especially important in mobile!

Every good thing comes to an end and that is happening… Well, now! Stay tuned for more Weekly Reviews if you want to become a True Landbot Master! And remember to hit us at if you want your very own Landbot to be featured here. 📸

See you next week, change and bot! 🤘