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Crypto Talkz AMA with Landbox

It was very first AMA session for Landbox project with global community. Lots of good questions were asked and answered. Following is the recap of the AMA.

Introduction Questions

Q1. Can you briefly describe what is Landbox ? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

Landbox is real estate platform based in Korea. We aim to provide all kinds of services related to real estate services in Korea but First service we launched recently is Auction ok, which is blockchain based real estate online auction platform. More to come in the future.

Q2. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?

We are using blockchain tech for our core business in prop tech business if you compare to other prop tech. In crypto wise, we already have our businesses in real estate industry and adopting blockchain tech into it.

We are not just started up. We been in this industry for a long time as land developer. Thus, we know what we do.

Q3. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Our founders are long time real estate investors and developers. They have been working on as developer for long time. With the expertise that we have, we have been auction participants. During that time, we found that auction system is really hard to approach by normal people and we wants to solve this problem.

Also real estate auction or other investment knowledge is so hard to understand or get for many people.

The experience as developer, gave us enough insight about real estate market.

We hope we can utilize blockchain tech as much as we can, and adopt as real use-case in real world.

Q4. What are you looking most forward to doing in Landbox?

Personally I like the Auction OK school. I hope this service is getting attention when it comes out. Auction OK school is real estate social network platform that connects experts and investors.

But… like we are doing this AMA right now, we want to introduce ourselves to global community as well. In this year, we are preparing to join global market as well. 🙂

Our services will target Korean market first but, crypto does not have borders.

What is your marketing plans for Landbox?

From now we will start to grow our global community. Do PRs also list global exchanges and more. (we did not even have English blog until last month.. haha… now we do)

But as you all know, community is very important. so … I hope we can build some strong community for LANDBOX.

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results Landbox has achieved so far ? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for Landbox?

We did IEO last year June. and we been building our services, also we are doing what we were doing as well (investing and developing real estate…)

A month ago, we launched our first service “Auction ok” and we are making it better daily. Currently its web, we are preparing Apps. There will be another service called “Auction OK school” which is social network for real estate investors and experts. We will keep develop what we can provide.

Both will have token economy into LAND token in the future (there will be staking like solution for this, we call it Land-Fi).

Twitter Questions

Q1. Twitter ID: @Carl_crip

How does blockchain benefit the Landbox platform to create an innovative project based on this technology? And above all, how does it benefit users to build trust and invest in methods that could be different from the traditional ones?

First, Auction OK which is Landbox’s first platform is utilizing blockchain tech into its core process. In Korea, auction for real estate is being held only offline auctions. Main reason is that online auctions cannot ensure the bid data is real. In Auction OK platform, as soon as the bidding data is generated, it will immediately be encrypted and recorded to a blockchain to prevent the risk of forgery/tampering.

As you all know, this can be easily solve with blockchain tech, since it is BUILT for it.. haha.

So far, there is NO service that auction is being held online in Korea. 🙂 that makes Action ok is the first in Korea.

Q2. Twitter ID: @AugustK95

You refer to yourself as a “Global platform for the exchange of information and real estate investment”, but could you really explain us about this “exchange of information” that Landbox provides?

Auction OK is not just auction platform. It will educate users about real estate auction in Korea which is really difficult to learn for normal people. There also will be another service that Landbox is developing is Auction OK school. Which is basically, information sharing social network platform for real estate investors. There will be experts on the platform to answer the questions that investors have.

But still we would like to use that term, because we think lack of information sharing in real estate business is problem and we will keep finding solution to solve this. There will be many ways for it.

btw, i am talking about “Korean real estate industry”

Q3. Twitter ID: @Carl_crip

From what I can see, your project is protocolized to reach Asian — Korean users. So what use could it have in other countries or continents? If I am a foreigner and I want to invest with you in real estate, would it be easy for me to do so?

That is right. We are now working on for Korean users. But in the future we have plan to go overseas. This is long term business and it will take time for oversea expansion since there will be completely different regulations. However, we are working on something for foreigners who wants to invest in Korean real estate market.

Q4. Twitter ID: @Juan31SB

Could you explain to me how the Landbox real estate auction platform works “Auction OK”? If you run real estate auctions, will it be able to hold a lot of money? How can users trust this Platform? And is it available for both IOS and android?

It is now available on the website. Now we are working on the app version as well. It is planned to be launched on June or July. Also, Yes in order to join the auction, you need to deposit certain amount. It is depends on what kind of auction it is(depends on the seller).

Sorry there is only Korean version for now, (its still in beta) there wil be English version as well.

Q5. Twitter ID: @TrnTrun19211761

Why did the Landbox project choose real estate without choosing the lottery or other video games? Real estate investment in the cryptocurrency sector is still quite new, so what plans does the project have to promote and attract the community?

Our founders are long time real estate investors and developers. They have been working on as developer for long time. With the expertise that we have, we have been auction participants. During that time, we found that auction system is really hard to approach by normal people and we wants to solve this problem.

Yes, it seems hard but we are working on it. 🙂 Lately NFT is being popular and we were preparing NFT adoption as well. We are planning to have NFT auction market in the future as well. (still need to work a lot on this though)

Telegram questions

Q1 @BTSmiss As a company building services for the * “Landbox Project, NextIB ** has registered for a patent on a block-chain based platform that provides non-face-to-face real estate auction services (Patent Application Number: 10–2020–01571810 ). How about the progress? What’s benefits for Landbox Project?

Yes that is correct. We have applied patent for auction OK platform. We are expecting it to be registered in few month. So we prove our tech is legit and also others cannot copy easily what we do in South Korea.(I should mention south..! )

Q2 @nikolas1819 Where can I trade LAND tokens?

Currently trading GOPAX and PROBIT. Both are korean exchanges but PROBIT has USDT pair. We are preparing on Uniswap. Also preparing for global exchange. We will announce when it is ready.

Q3 @Abin18 When burning?

We already did our first burning

Landbox (LAND) 17,909 LAND buyback / burned
Time for token purchase in the market: February 23rd-25th, 2021
Exchange: Gopax
Token Burn Date: Mar-19–2021 12:23:56 AM +UTC
TXID : 0x2013d7fec848fdef467f80801d1bbe71245b08e156d31bebefa9c8644d7ac501

More to come 😘 in the future.

Q4 @Tedung3 About LANDBOX (LAND) Token split. What’s going on?

We did token swap recently. increasing total supply. As long as you had in your wallet you should already received airdrop of new LAND token. All the exchanges already processed swap.

Q5 @DTryasari Is LANDBOX PROJECT are owned by same founder with SANDBOX PROJECT? Please correct me if am wrong. Thanks Sir

NO! hahaha….. Just picked this one coz i thought it was funny. 🙂

Its time for Wrapping Up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Thank you so much for this AMA. this was very first time to show us for global community. I hope you guys enjoyed!

We now started to show ourselves to global community I hope you guys can see us often.

It was pleasure having you @Landboxofficial :) Thank you so much for spending time with us!

About Landbox

Landbox was founded to provide alternatives and solutions to real estate development and education industries. Taking our own experience, we found the various inconveniences of the existing offline-based real estate auction system.

The final goal of Landbox is to provide a blockchain-based global real estate investment information sharing platform that connects real estate information and investors.

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