How to be a King in Tech

Hi there tech heads.

Today we’ll kick off with some stats.

Take them with a pinch of salt; we all know how volatile the tech scene is.

That’s precisely why we are here — to help you navigate through dark matter.

The Stats

Like we mentioned on our previous post, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), IT jobs will grow 22% through 2020. Although the growth will happen in all occupations, some IT fields will perform better than others.

With little to no surprise, the IT job with the most optimistic demand is software development, with increases between 28% to 32%, depending on the type of software development; on the other side of the spectrum are computer programmers, showing the weakest growth with a 12% increase and with more likelihood to offshoring.

In between, we can find database administrators with a dashing 31% increase; system analysts with 22% and IT managers with 18%.

But enough of numbers: even though an — admirable — growth is expected, things are not so linear.

Market demands are not an easy dynamics to grasp. Plus they shift perpetually.

Which means that sitting comfortably in your office seat is most definitely not an option.

So… are you ready to be unplugged?

The Solution

Remember: there’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. You already know the path, you just need a power kick to walk it with confidence.

That power kick is Landing Festival 2018.

An opportunity to take the red pill and challenge your mind.

Real learning and the art of survival come from defying the established.

We’ll introduce you to the rebels and visionaries of the tech industry, the makers, the doers, the crazy outliers. Cause we know that you need to be surrounded by action-driven individuals as opposed to system-driven ones.

Those people will be the ones giving you expert sessions, where you’ll be part of the discussion in a personal way instead of getting an “one size fits all” kind of advice. You’ll be able to share, ask questions and debate important matters with like-minded people, in a close environment.

There will be amazing tech workshops that will teach you what you need to know for your journey, while getting your hands dirty by learning while doing.

You will listen to talks that are a gateway to the future, bringing it to the present being — and putting you ahead of the competition.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet people that can share relevant insight and show you new, different doors — and the only goal is to prepare you. To provide you with tools for you to succeed.

As time passes, universities are becoming obsolete. The real School of Life is actually — Life. Not school, not even work. Those are boxes, and boxes were fine. Pre-formated white collar jobs were fine. But they aren’t anymore.

Why be confined to a piece of cardboard, when you can have the world?

This will be you after seeing how deep the rabbit-hole goes