REBIS — Behind the scenes

Founded: 2014
Employees(#): 35 (30 tech professionals)
Headquarters: Lisbon

Now it’s time to tell us everything about REBIS! What problem are you solving?

Business and analytics solutions for major challenges from international and national brands and companies.

What do you do that makes your product exciting?

Innovative approach on support, active monitoring services and SAP Analytics state-of-the-art solutions.

What kind of talent are you looking for?

Young and senior professionals.

Can you describe the work environment at REBIS?

What growth opportunities do you offer to your employees?

Certification programs, international opportunities and a life working style up to you.

Prove that you’re The One. What would attract candidates to work for you?

Check out our Instagram ;)

What’s your opinion about Lisbon’s growing tech scene? How is it influencing the environment at REBIS?

Great talent and professionals available to work to the world.

What’s the future of tech careers?

Keep learning and re/learning.

REBIS will be joining us at Landing Festival this year! Come meet them: