Thinking about Animal-aid Design

Design the site aimed at the species is the concept I never heard before. Until today I read the Animal-aided Design-using a species’ life-cycle to improve open space planning and conservation in cities and elsewhere, I realized that this design concept has already been focused on and is not entirely new.

Red Crabs in Easter Island

Protecting the specific species and its habitats is the conflict of urban development. Besides the ecological parks, no one is willing to give up the real estate case only because of the species. When I went to Taiwan as the exchange student, my teacher instructed me to think how to balance the habitats conservation and the cement mining project, which supply 60% tax for the local government and 80% jobs for residents. Actually, this topic has been argued for several years by the project executives, the environmental protection organization and the local residents. Different groups speaked for different interests. But it’s clear that the environmental protection organization often lacks a voice when it comes to the tax and jobs that make the larger contributions to cities.

Therefore, animal-aid design is the resort of promoting harmony between nature and human in the city. If the limited green space in city can be designed specifically for animals, it will facilitate the biodiversity in the city. Meanwhile, the species themselves in the green space will become the attractive point in the park.

In the project in Marin city, we chose the crabs as our species. Searching their life history and food webs and designing their habitats are interesting. I really hoped that through our design, the crabs in marin city can increase and can walk in the streets and parking lot, as the red crabs in Easter Island.



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